Oh rats —

First, let’s talk about the Help Japan In SL event at Chirihama, which started this weekend. Guys, this is awesome. SL’s Japanese creators got together and organized a fundraiser for their stricken country, with much help from other creators all over the world, and came up with an event featuring stompy robots, super-cute animals, and omg coats made of swarming white rats. You guys do not even know how fast I bought this thing. Also, Kookie put out the amazing Armada boots in wine. ALSO, new Del May poses.

The Help Japan fundraiser also, unlike most fundraisers, offers loads of stuff for guys (and those of us who dress like ’em). LOOK, A NEW SHIRT FROM MR. POET, YOU GUYS! And it only took a tiny bit of resizing to make it fit, and the scarf is a separate attachment and comes in two colors. If you can’t pick up two or three entire new looks at Help Japan, you’re doin’ it wrong.

Also — and this deserves its own blog post, but to be fair, Galliano Boucher did it better than I could — Menswear Fashion Week rolled in this past weekend, and was excellent. A lot of designers released new toys for us to spend lindens on, and spend we did: Shag put out a ton of new hair like this excellent Soldier Boy cut, and NSD has really, really well-made chinos; I may go back for the fatpack.

Look 1:
Coat: deviant girls by ruby69kill moonites
Boots: Kookie by Kookie Lemon
Pose: Del May by Del May
All available at Help Japan In SL

Look 2:
Hair: Shag by Sebastian Aries (at MFW)
Shirt & Scarf: Mr.Poet by hiwinyu Fazuku (at Help Japan)
Trousers: NSD by Naith Smit (at MFW)
Shoes: 2g by Pique Flan
Pose: Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel

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