Dodge the bullets or carry the gun

I actually took these a bit ago, but then I got wrapped up in the digits project, and I didn’t want blog posts to get in the middle of all those charts. So I’ve had pictures backing up on my Flickr and in my computer. Bear with me.

Today I am yammering about Kimbo Reitman and Urban December hair. Urban December hair just keeps getting better and better — it’s not perfect, but at the rate Kimbo is improving with his hair-creating ability, it’s certainly trending in that direction. He’s really one of the few designers who came into his own with the release of Viewer 2 and its layers, and has been creating hairstyles that are meant to have a little height or flop just so over the eyes without adding bulk to the sides. The hairs are well-made: they blend fairly seamlessly with your head (I’ve seen lots of other hair designers who just don’t get this right, and make their sculpts too short or end awkwardly, or come up at unnatural angles), and the textures are good — a little flat, but me, I’d rather err on the side of flat than on the side of too shiny.

They’re very me, and I have like a snillion of them in my inventory at this point.

I also completely love this shirt from NANUK. It is exactly the right amount of see-through. About a year ago or so, BOOM had some t-shirts that were slightly transparent, designed for layering, and I loved them…but they were too transparent to wear alone and not transparent at all when layered. The NANUK one is perfect: it looks like it’s just worn thin.


Hair: U.December by Kimbo Reitman
Hairbase: Aitui by Jesseaitui Petion
Shirt: NANUK by Dowr
Trousers: by Parvati Monday
Dog tags: MANDALA by kikunosuke eel
Watch: GBTM by Beyondthematrix Boa
Poses: (pda), Stakey

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