Annie get your gun

Synchronicity is a beautiful thing. Yesterday, as everybody on the planet knows at this point, special forces — Navy SEALs — stormed Osama bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad, killing him after a ten-year manhunt. Today, Disembodied Hand of Defectiva released his long-awaited Special Forces set, just as everybody’s feeling real damn proud of our special forces. Nice timing.

There are a few designers on the grid whose work I will buy without hesitation. Disembodied Hand is one of those designers. His texture work is gorgeous and works perfectly with his sculpts, letting the end product flow seamlessly. Moreover, even though he advertises all of his products as being exclusively made for men (thus designed to fit men’s shapes), I am here to tell you they work just fine on women. All of Defectiva’s items are fully copy/mod, so just make a copy and modify to your little heart’s content: I had to poke and prod and adjust to make all my leg straps fit properly, but they do fit, and they look fantastic. Even the chest armor only took a slight modification to fit me (okay, my shape ain’t average, but still…adjust!).

I only have a few small criticisms. First: the combat boots, which are fantastic, are also sold separately in case you like the boots but don’t want an entire set of riot gear. Great, right? But if you do buy the whole set, you can’t wear the boots separately. They only come with the pant legs attached. Given the cost of the set, it might’ve been nice to have the option of separate boots as well if you’re buying the whole thing. Meh. Also note: no alphas on the boots, so use your own if you’re going to resize them down.

I’ll also note, for any other women who want to buy the set, that the crotch of the pants is sculpted and textured to give a very realistic masculine bulge. It’s the only time I’ve encountered something in a Defectiva item that I couldn’t easily work around to make suitable for me. The pants themselves do not have the same shading, so it is possible to adjust that prim so the front isn’t visible, but that prim is textured so nicely that it really does look better with it in place. This isn’t really a criticism, just a caveat emptor.

That said, the set is gorgeous and even looks brilliant without the chest armor on — the pelvis piece creates a nice tucked-in shirt with just a little blousing (oh, one other comment! I love this shirt and would have loved to wear it separately from the pants…give me options!). The whole appearance is really, really nice, and comes in two color schemes right now (all-black urban, and an olive/khaki terrain set), with two new color schemes to be released shortly.

Hairbase: Aitui by Jesseaitui Petion
Special Forces gear: Defectiva by Disembodied Hand
Tattoo: Para Designs by Vicky Werefox
Poses: Alchemy Immortalis by Immortalis Cyannis; Del May by Del May


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