We love that basketball

It may be well past basketball season, but LAP just put out these really awesome poses for Culture Shock, and they’re making me long for a good pick-up game. I had a lot of fun shooting some pictures with them…they’ve got great energy and they remind me of all those great posters I used to have when I was a kid. I’m really partial to poses like this, with a sense of motion to them. Love them.

In other news, NSD has just put out new cargo shorts. They’re sized for men and they took some pretty significant tweaking to fit me, so caveat emptor….but it’s completely worth it, because they’re fantastic. They’re copy/mod, so you’re able to size them down as needed, and if you don’t like editing individual prims, slap a resize script in them and they’ll size down just fine. You’ll see these on me again.

Also, Shag put out three new hairstyles for Culture Shock. It should surprise no one that I grabbed the two non-girly ones: I’m into Shag like certain other bloggers are addicted to Truth and Exile. Seriously, it’s just consistently awesome, good-looking hair in realistic styles.

So…who wants to shoot some hoops?

Hair: Shag by Sebastian Aries
Shirt: Action Surf & Sk8 by Marilynmonroe Munro
Shorts: NSD by Naith Smit
Shoes: Ordinary Design by shin Mathilde
Socks: ARAI by mappy Handrick
Necklace: KOSH by daizy dumpling
Glasses: Muism by icemocolo Voom
Tattoo: Garden of Ku by danel Kurosawa
Poses: LAP by Dove Swanson

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