I maintain against the grain

There’s nothing special or unusual about this outfit. It’s just what I happened to be walking around in. I went to a live music thing at Pixel Bean yesterday and this is what I was wearing, and I thought hey, what the hell, I’ll take some pictures. Some of this is new, so it’s blog-worthy.

What’s new? Well, first, these glasses from Mr.Poet. Yeah. I know. Everyone and their pet dog Spot is blogging these glasses. And for good reason: they are brilliant. They’re beautifully sculpted and scripted to change frame color, lens color, and color of a little ornamental piece on the arm. Unlike most glasses scripted to change color, I actually really like the colors: dark red, dark blue, olive green, brown, etc. Colors I’ll actually use (you can’t really tell here because of my windlight & shadows, but my frames are dark blue in these pictures). I still love my Muism glasses, but I really love these and will wear the hell out of them. Note: they say no mod, but that’s just the script inside: they’re mod, have at.

Also new: this belt, and a brown one just like it, are new group gifts from Gabriel. I am always torn when it comes to items from Gabriel. I love Takuya Jinn’s work so much. I really do. But I get so frustrated with items that are no copy / no mod, especially when they’re scripted and I can’t remove the script. If it was just the gifts I’d suck it up, but when I actually pay for items and have no control over the items I’ve bought, I am less likely to buy more. That said: damn these belts are fantastic-looking. I expected them to fit poorly, as they are made for men, but a little careful resizing and they work beautifully on me. Takuya Jinn makes some really gorgeous stuff.

And: this hairbase, with the tiny cornrows, comes with the Mauri hair from RezIpsa Loc. The hair’s really nice too, it just didn’t work with the outfit…but I really love the hairbase. I’m wearing the hairbase with another base under it, because the RezIpsa Loc hairbase is a little too sparse and light for me — but hey, that’s the beauty of layering tattoo layers, right?

Pretty sure everything else is blogged before. Have a great weekend, boys and squirrels.

Hair: Raw House by Jay Khaos
Hairbase: RezIpsa Loc by Rezipsa Luckstone
Shirt: Pig by Apatia Hammerer
Vest: Mr.Poet by hiwinyu Fazuku
Trousers: NSD by Naith Smit
Boots: Treads by Ju Weissnicht
Glasses: Mr.Poet by hiwinyu Fazuku
Belt: Gabriel by Takuya Jinn
Watch: GBTM by Beyondthematrix Boa (promo copy)
Tattoo: Garden of Ku by danel Kurosawa
Poses: (pda) by Izzy Bereznyak

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