Less is more

I know, I just posted a moment ago. But I’d already done the pictures for that one this afternoon when I got a notecard from Nena Janus of League announcing cleavage dehancers for her Sia skin. I’d sent her a notecard asking about cleavage dehancers months ago, and I assumed she was just really busy with other stuff…but dude, look, cleavage dehancers! It’s for Sia, but Sia’s basically the same skin base as Taylor, so I just knew they’d work…and oh yes, they work. Can I tell you how happy I am that I no longer have weird-looking huge boob shading on my flat-chested shape? I do not have the vocabulary to express it, you guys, and my vocabulary is fairly prodigious.

So go on. Ogle my wee hoots and then get your butts over to League, if you’re so inclined.

Skin: League
Necklace: Love In Idleness
Trousers: Amerie
Everything else: blogged recently

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