Spiking the punch

Grazia, I am TOTALLY not copying you, I swear. It’s a coincidence… Pixel Prom 2011 was last night! The Pixel Bean put on its annual formal event, and I got all spiffed up to go dancing. Because you know, I ain’t just Action Girl — I can clean the motor oil out from under my nails and look swanky, too! Swanky last night meant a tux from Lapointe & Bastchild.

In real life, most people just rent tuxedos, and that’s sad, because a tuxedo is supposed to be the ultimate in attire — the thing that looks the best on a man (or, you know, woman). It should be perfectly cut and perfectly tailored, in fabric that hangs properly, with lapels that suit the shoulders. However, you usually see people wearing whatever’s available at the rental store, which results in people wearing a lot of really awful — or just mediocre — tuxes. I take this tangent because just as there are a lot of mediocre tuxedos in real life, there are a lot of mediocre tuxedos in Second Life. On the other hand, there are a very few tux designers who stand out as making gorgeous, brilliant tuxedos. Paul Lapointe is one of them.

The nicest thing about this tux is the lapel and collar combination. First off, it’s script-resize but no mod, which made me a little nervous…but it resized perfectly. It fits right over my shape like it was meant to go there, and remains fitted to the jacket. Once done, the script deleted just like it was supposed to (the cuffs are likewise script-mod). The jacket bottom, on the other hand, comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large), and is modify, so you can resize it to fit your own shape — clever! It’s also designed to bell out a little bit rather than fitting straight up and down, which means your hips and ass won’t poke through. Jacket designers, take note!

The texturing is also excellent. I really love the brocade vest — I especially love that the vest is slightly shadowed where the jacket falls away from it. What a great touch. Splendid details.

So here’s the problem with this tux…and for me, it’s a significant problem. The trousers have no leg cuff prims. Yes, there are leg prims in this picture: I grabbed some from another pair of trousers, retextured them, and made them work. Luckily the L&B pants are mod, so I could reduce the flared legs and fit them with the leg prims. I don’t understand this: on something like a tuxedo, where looking fantastic is essential, to have such a beautifully-made jacket and then pair it with perfectly textured trousers that end like they’re from 2006 seems like a major flaw.

It’s an excellent tux, don’t get me wrong. But that’s just a shame.

Hair: Plume by Lulu Jameson
Hairbase: Aitui by Jesseaitui Petion
Tuxedo: Lapointe&Bastchild by Paul Lapointe
Shoes: hoorenbeek by Limer Fredriksson
Glasses: Mr.Poet by hiwinyu Fazuku
Earrings: Mandala by kikunosuke eel
Poses: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson; HelaMiyo by Miyoko Magic

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3 Responses to Spiking the punch

  1. Grazia says:

    I seriously need to go dancing with you sometime, Vaki… that is… if Don won’t want to duel you first 😀

  2. Don Mill says:

    I would gladly do a threesome…

  3. Vaki says:

    Grazia: day and time, darlin’.
    Don: Muahaha…careful, I like to lead.

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