Framed, a world passes by

There’s a story behind this.

The Shoe Fair is going on right now, and in-world, there’s a group where you can get Shoe Fair demos without having to brave Shoe Fair lag. I got a demo of these shoes from Treads and even before I opened it, I was all, WUT, NEW SHOES FROM TREADS, HOW CAN THIS BE?! because my favorite boots ever are the Kboots, but those are the only shoes Ju Weissnicht ever did. I know, right? So imagine my fall-over-and-die when I got the demo.

And I unpacked it and there were these awesome 70s-style chunky loafers with tassels. Instant love. But I was like…ugh, Shoe Fair. So last night, before I went to bed, I wandered over to the little Treads shop to see if there was any chance they were out, so I could buy them at the shop instead of at the Fair. They were not, but Ju was there, and we started chatting…and she gave me the whole fatpack out of the goodness of her heart. You guys don’t even know how happy I was.

These shoes are brilliant, and I ain’t saying that just because Ju gave them to me (seriously, I was going there to buy them). They’re chunky but they still fit your foot properly. All the tiny little details just make the shoe, like the way the leather folds over to end in the tassels with a leather strap stitched over to hold the tassels down. The faux alligator hide looks like faux alligator and comes in shades like bright orange and turquoise, as well as more sedate hues. They’ve got a wide vamp and toe and they just look comfortable.

You ladies can keep your four-inch stilettos. No, seriously, keep ’em, you look fantastic in ’em and I like to watch. Me, I’m good in these.

Hair: Kletva by Vitor Algoma
Hairbase: Aitui by Jesseaitui Petion
Vest: +grasp+ by Asalt Eames
Trousers: Amerie by Amerie Spitteler
Shoes: Treads by Ju Weissnicht
Necklace: KOSH by Lynaja Bade
Poses: momomuller by momomura Zehetbauer; Alchemy Immortalis by Immortalis Cyannis

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  1. Grazia says:

    *sighs* ok, it’s official… you’re my girl crush

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