I’ve been away for a little while, I know. These things happen: real life, it does intrude. I’m still trying to catch up: I promise I’ll be brief. But look at all the awesomeness waiting for me when I got back!

First: the new suits from Adjunct have actually been out for a while, but I haven’t had a chance to blog them. They’re excellent. I’m not wearing one of the interesting combinations (they come in, like, navy with red piping! awesome), so you just have to take my word for it, but they come with both scripted and mod versions and the sculpts are very nicely made: your butt doesn’t poke through. Well, mine doesn’t. Anyway, I’ve meant to mention them, and now I have. Gold star for me!

Second: these jeans from FIR & MNA are new — they were out for FLF yesterday. Good textures, nice shading, and they come with both rolled and straight legs. Um, they’re jeans. Everybody needs good dark wash jeans.

These boots from Juice, part of the 49L Sale For Dudes, were a surprise. Juice is pretty hit and miss, but hey, good hiking boots for L$49? Not too shabby. Guys, girls, and those in between: if you missed the sale (it ended an hour or so ago), pop over to Juice and take a look at them. They’re worth grabbing.

I am also wearing a new watch by Muism, though you can’t really see it — I’ll blog it again shortly, because it is quite nice. Additionally, I’m using poses from Del May. Both the watch and the poses come from the Euphoria Homme Fashion Week, currently ongoing.

Finally, the shirt I’m wearing is from Ninikoboy. It is not new — it’s been out for ages — but keep an eye on Ninikoboy. Kae Sahara recently closed both Niniko and Ninikoboy for remodeling, and reopened with some new stuff at Niniko. It’s mostly very cute and frilly, but there’s a really nice coat on the counter for free that works very well for guys and androgynes, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for new Ninikoboy items soon.

P.S. if you haven’t checked out the Gilmour sim, do so. It’s really well-built, with several different pockets of beautiful natural areas. The central area really reminds me of childhood summers on the Chesapeake: the sea grasses, the birds, the wind-warped trees, the broken boats. Even the water set perfectly. I recommend exploring.

See? Told you. Tons of stuff to catch up on. Also, hi, new people reading from feeds. I’m on feeds for the first time. Um…let’s all pretend I said something profound, shall we? Good.

Hair: Urban December by Kimbo Reitman
Hairbase: Aitui by Jesseaitui Petion
Jacket: Adjunct by myvegancookbook Bolissima
Shirt: Ninikoboy by Kae Sahara
Jeans: FIR & MNA by rob1977 Moonites
Boots: Juice by JohnnyD Posthorn
Glasses: Mr.Poet by hiwinyu Fazuku
Belt: Mr.Poet by hiwinyu Fazuku
Necklace: This Is A Fawn & Scribble by OMGWTF Barbecue
Poses: Del May by Del May; Olive Juice by IsabellaGrace Baroque

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