Outta here

Okay, first: you guys, the new SL V 2.0 development viewer has finally fixed the problem rendering shadows on Macs with ATI cards. I KNOW RIGHT. Macs with ATI cards have never been able to render shadows without crashing, which is ridiculous…and they’re finally fixing it. You don’t know how happy I am. There are no words. There are only pictures. Pictures taken on my Mac with an ATI card. HELL YEAH.

Edit: I hear that this is already making it into the newest beta release, which implies it will hit the regular V.2 release soon. This makes me a HAPPY VAKI, you guys.

P.S.: SSAO and Shadow Smoothing still doesn’t work. They’re working on it. Patience, grasshoppers. Just enjoy your awesome shadow-ness.

Second: until the end of this weekend, Zaara is having a store-wide half-off sale. This is pretty frikking awesome. Most of Zaara’s stuff is very, very girly, but she does have a fantastic men’s/unisex selection off in the back, totally worth raiding. Her textures are beautiful, her prims are generally excellent, and I’m probably going back to just fatpack these pants. The tank I’m wearing is sheer and looks silky and breezy rather than worn thin — it comes in opaque as well, and looks really good layered with one of her other sheer tanks in white or black. I’ve layered it with a fri.day tank for contrast’s sake.

Go. Spend lindens. You have my blessing.

(P.S. this awesome duffel bag is a hunt gift from FIR & MNA for MENStuff. Go get it while you can.)

Hair: Urban December by Kimbo Reitman
Hairbase: Aitui by Jesseaitui Petion
Tank top (under): fri.day by Darling Monday
Tank top (over): Zaara by Zaara Kohime
Cargo pants: Zaara by Zaara Kohime
Shoes: J’s by JB Gazov
Necklace & bracelet: KOSH by Lynaja Bade
Glasses: by Masciano Vaschwitzugenplatz
Tattoo: Garden of Ku by danel Kurosawa
DUffel bag: FIR & MNA by rob1977 moonites
Poses: momomuller by momomura Zehetbauer

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Seriously, Mega Shark v. Giant Octopus is a masterpiece of modern cinema. What? It has Deborah Gibson in it. And there's this one scene where...what? Oh, like there's something better than a mega shark leaping out of the ocean and biting a plane in half. Whatever.
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9 Responses to Outta here

  1. Chance says:

    This is a gorgeous image! I am stunned by the clarity! I can smell the saltwater and your ensemble is makin me want to go to the beach!

    • Vaki says:

      Thanks, man. I’ve been shouting at Lindens for months begging them to get this working — I’m so happy right now.

  2. melissa999 says:

    Beautiful! (You and the image both.) A bug long overdue for fixing, and I’m glad it’s finally been stomped.

  3. Mandy says:

    Is this the reason i’ve been having trouble getting shadows to work on my new MacBook Pro and Phoenix? that it’s based on code that doesn’t have this fix yet?

    • Vaki says:

      Yes. If you have a new MacBook Pro (as do I), you’ve got an ATI card. Only the older MacBooks have the NVIDIA cards that would run shadows on Macs (until this new update) — I also have an old MacBook and would have to switch computers to my old one every time I wanted to take a good picture.

      If you’re trying to take pictures with Phoenix, it’s still not going to work yet. It’s going to be a bit yet before the third party viewers can roll out this update. I imagine they’ll be on it fairly quickly, though, especially viewers such as Kirstens which are geared towards photographers.

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  5. Val says:

    hmmm I downloaded this developer link for SL and still not getting shadows to work on my mac with ATI card… have the developer menu up and clicked all the rendering .. 😦 mines an old mac with old ati card though.. Chipset Model:ATY,RadeonX1600 from ATI.. is this why?

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