So…Shag has been running a contest, looking for models for their Hair Fair 2011 advertisements. The contest encourages entrants to show off their “shagability” — to be shameless, sexy, shaggable — and leaves it up to the entrants to interpret that as they wish.

I’m giving it a shot, though I’m dubious: they’re looking for a “boy winner and a girl winner.” I suspect this means they’re looking for a boy who’s actually a boy and a girl who looks like a girl (and would thus wear their women’s styles). Hooray for gender binaries! Snark off, I promise. Anyway…so here are my entries.

As a side note: this is the new Adjunct suit (I mentioned it a few blog entries ago). Seriously, this is my new favorite suit in SL. It used to sadden me that for the most part, suits really haven’t taken a significant forward since Armidi…and then this suit came out. It rocks my little world: the beautiful textures, little details like the cuff buttons and jacket pockets, and even the shoulder prims are well made and follow the seams of the jacket. The trousers are textured very nicely, showing pressed folds down the legs and great shading at the crotch (but a caveat: they’re shaded for a guy, so they look a little odd on a woman; it’s a very minor detail, so I don’t mind). I would kill for this suit in a good pinstripe.

My pose is brand spanking new from Oh! Studio. Marcopol Oh has only just started making poses, and I’m loving his work. SO nice.

And here I’m wearing not frikkin’ much. The rosary from Shade Throne is kind of a wardrobe staple — I wear it a lot — as are my Mandala piercings. My tattoo is Garden of Ku — I love good tats, you guys, and it’s frustrating how hard it is to find really good tats. I love these.

My companion is wearing cute lingerie from BOOM and the lovely Waves set from Dark Mouse. If you’re into girly jewelry and you’re not shopping at Dark Mouse, you’re doin’ it wrong.

Anyway. Wish me luck.

Pic 1:
On Vaki:
Hair: Shag by Sebastian Aries
Facial hair: Jaryth’s Barber Shop by Jarythe Resident
Suit: Adjunct by myvegancookbook Bolissima
Tie: Amplify by tinker Hax

Oh my companion:
Hair: Shag by Sebastian Aries
Skin: Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
Dress: Kyoot by Saeya Nyanda
Jewelry: G. Field by Cerberus Noel
Feet: N-Core by Claire Messenger

Pic 2:
On Vaki:
Hair: Shag by Sebastian Aries
Hairbase: Aitui by Jesseaitui Petion
Tattoo: Garden of Ku by danel Kurosawa
Necklace: Shade Throne by Undo Hermano
Piercings: Mandala by kikunosuke Eel
Feet: SLink by Siddean Munro

On my companion:
Hair: Shag by Sebastian Aries
Skin: Dutch Touch by Iki Ikarius
Lingerie: BOOM by Aranel Ah
Jewelry: Dark Mouse by Mouse Mimistrobell

Poses: Oh! Studio by Marcopol Oh; STAKEY by Raymond Ohmai

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