Meine Freunde, tanz mit mir

First things first: I am on a very long hiatus. I know, you guys, try not to miss me too much. I’ll be gone about a month, which is very sad, but I will be back, I promise! I am off buried in books up to my eyebrows, and I just can’t commit to blogging while the hell of studying has me.

But a nice send-off before I go: Lapointe & Bastchild just put out an entire set of really brilliant leather jackets. There’s one plain one and five beautifully painted jackets, and believe me, I was torn as to which one to get. They’re all very nicely done, and if I’d had the cash I’d’ve just spared myself the angst and fatpacked them. Love the sculpting work.

Note: as expected, they’re made for men, and they’re no_mod. But! The resize script is fantastic, borrowing a concept I’ve only seen in shoes before: not only can you resize overall by percentages (you know, normal resizing), you can also stretch up or down by axes. So if you get it just right but it needs to be shorter, shrink it by the Y axis. If it needs to be wider, stretch it by the X axis. FANTASTIC. I was able to get a really good fit, despite it being made for a man’s body, by resizing down and then narrowing it up, and increasing the depth a little. Bonus: the jacket comes with a ‘backup set’ boxed up, so you don’t have to make copies yourself. FFS, why every store doesn’t do that is beyond me…THANK YOU, L&B.

My kickass socks from Pig totally make the outfit…but what really pulls the room together are the matching gloves, which match down to the braces (which you can’t see, but I assure you they are there). Go on and ask yourself: is there anything sexier than gloves with braces? The answer is yes: argyle gloves with braces. They are only available as a gatcha at Pig’s satellite at Fungus.

As a side note, Gos not only has the awesomest system for adding color to existing shoes in SL (yes, please, let me just add a button to a script rather than having to buy entirely new shoes!), but also, the animation is so awesome it makes me want to buy shoe colors I don’t even want just to watch myself dye my shoes. Yes, I am easily entertained. What.

ONE LAST THING. All my poses are by (pda). They’re all old poses, so you can’t get them anymore, but I’m using them because I have it on good authority that (pda) is on the verge of reopening. So there are going to be brand spanking new (pda) poses! I KNOW RIGHT. Everyone go pester Izzy. Tell him I sent you.

See you kids in about a month!

Hair: NSD by Naith Smit
Hairbase: Aitui, again. I’ll let you know when it’s not.
Jacket: Lapointe & Bastchilde by Paul Lapointe
Shirt: League by Nena Janus
Shorts: Ronsem by Eow Reverie
Socks & Gloves: Pig by Apatia Hammerer
Boots: Gos by Gospel Voom
Poses: (pda) by Izzy Bereznyak

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4 Responses to Meine Freunde, tanz mit mir

  1. Wow…
    I don’t think I have to tell you how hot you are…

    But, a very nice send off indeed.
    I will miss you soooooooo much while you are away!
    Make sure you kick those books asses and stuff.

  2. Chance says:

    This is just so damn sexy and stellar! I have no words, so touche on breaking my brain and vocab with perfection and a visual journey that just speaks for itself!

  3. Vaki says:

    Thank you, my little beefy tostadas! You both make me smile all over the place. I will stomp all over those books like Godzilla, RRRRRAAAAAAR.

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