Corsets ain’t necessarily girly

I’m still on hiatus, but throwing this one out there real fast. I just wanted to show how a stereotypically feminine article of clothing — a corset — can work for men as well as women (and those of us somewhere in between). I’ve blogged this corset from So Many Styles before: last time, it was with shorts, combat boots, and a mohawk, and it didn’t look girly then, either. This time I’ve dressed it up: nice black trousers from Coco; a slouchy fedora, also from Coco, which rocks my world; a stylish tie in a smart herringbone; and a jacket slung over my shoulder. Bring it on, world.

This one’s for you, Gabe.

Hat: Coco by Cocoro Lemon
Corset: So Many Styles by Irie Campese
Trousers: Coco by Cocoro Lemon
Boots: Gos by Gospel Voom
Tie: Action Surf & Skate by marilynmonroe Munro
Pose: oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov

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