Tea in the Sahara

I fail at hiatus. Let’s just dispense with that: I will post when I have time, and not post when I don’t. Done.

Faint Paulse of Ladies Who Lunch just released this set: a stylized hijab and harem pants in a snillion colors, and they all come separately so you can mix and match colors as you like. The entire set is meant to be unisex and highly modifiable, so they look fantastic on men as well as women. And they really do: this picture is only slightly photoshopped to fix stuff like my foot (the pose buried it in my leg; these things happen): the outfit looks just like that in-world, with the scarves all blowing in the wind.

Protip: they work awesomely as separates, too.

Harem set: Ladies Who Lunch by Faint Paulse
Feet: SLink by Siddean Munro
Tattoo: Para Designs by Paranormal Putzo
Knives: Belle Morte by zombina Gunawan
Pose: BENT! by Catherine Fairport

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