Hidden dragon

Faint Paulse just sort of randomly released this stunning set (and a companion set) on the marketplace for free tonight (I should have mentioned: only ten of each set were available for free; they’re gone now, sorry, but the sets are still available for sale!). It about made me fall over, and I tossed down all my notes and books and outlines and scrambled to go grab it. Seriously…whoa. I’ve loved the Ninja II set and have been ogling it, but was waiting until next month to buy it…and now I have it and I have it in a gorgeous new fabric just because Faint was feeling all generous. How cool is that?

Here’s what’s really great about this set, though. First off, all the prim bits are modify and copy…which I shouldn’t have to mention, but because it’s important, I mention it. Second, the set comes with like a snillion options. You can wear this set SO many ways — there’s the long tunic, which I’m wearing, and there’s a mid-chest tunic, and there’s really long sleeves, and a hood, and so much stuff.

And here’s the awesomest part you guys: it’s unisex, and I don’t just mean ‘Oh, yeah, it’s just system pants so anybody can technically wear it.’ NO. THAT IS NOT WHAT I MEAN. What I mean is that Faint Paulse groks that men have crotch bulges if they’re wearing tight trousers, and women don’t. So she has a sculpted bulge for men and the leggings are nicely un-shaded in the crotchital region for women. So men don’t have to look like Ken dolls and women don’t have to look like we’re packing. Love, love, love.

Outfit: Ninja II — Ladies Who Lunch by Faint Paulse
Hair: Rhys — Jaryth’s Barber Shop by jarythe
Face scar: Eye Suture — Sinistyle by Krius Misfit
Feet: SLink by Siddean Munro
Poses: Lost World by lolmac Shan

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