Worth it —

I am not supposed to be here right now! But I couldn’t help it. Rob1977 Moonites put out the Curragh Satchel tonight, and it is really, really good. I just had to take a break from studying and pop in to buy it. The satchel comes in eighty bazillion textures…okay, it comes in fifteen different textures: five canvas, five leather, and five patent. Each is scripted so you can change metal textures and, of course, resize. Between this and the gorgeous Mr.Poet leather backpack, I’m pretty damn happy with bags lately.

It’s a good size, and the textures, both canvas and leather, are really nice. I haven’t checked the patent, but they are…shiny, and quite bright. So…yeah. It was worth coming in-world tonight. And now I am going back to studying.

(P.S.: yes, I know these pictures are crap. One texture wouldn’t rez properly and I didn’t have much time tonight. It won’t happen again. Promise.)

Bag: FIR & MNA by Rob1977 Moonites — Curragh Satchel
Hair: Kletva by Vitor Algoma — ELLI
Jacket: Reek by Riq Graves — Peacoat
Trousers: Whippet & Buck by Twiggy Whippet — Boyd Dress Trousers
Glasses: Mr.Poet by hiwinyu Fazuku — Half Rim Eyeglasses

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