OH HI EVERYBODY DID YOU MISS ME? Come on, you know you did. I bet you cried a little. SL practically ground to a halt without me. So…what’s happened while I was gone?

Well, here’s something. Kletva’s just released a new hairstyle (or rather, Kletva’s about to release it…it’s hard to keep track of this stuff). I’m really liking the men’s styles from Kletva — Vitor does a great job with pairing chunky sculpts and wispy flexi bits, and the textures are really lush. My only problem with it is that it’s sometimes hard to resize smaller, but it’s always mod, so a little patient editing of linked prims works just fine. I like the roots on it, too: they blend beautifully with a dark hairbase, giving it a great bleached punk look. It’s fantastic.

What really just pulled it all together was these camo pants from oyakin, though. I saw them when I was shopping for tweed (OH P.S. H:YS PEOPLE OYAKIN HAS AWESOME TWEED TROUSERS YEAH) and I just had to fatpack them. They knocked me over with awesome. No idea if they’re new or old; don’t care. They’re new to me, and I’m very happy.

Everything else…I think I’ve blogged before. Oh! Except for the fantastic dragon make-up from Adam n Eve, which I am not really showing off to its best effect, but trust me, it is gorgeous. I’m all golden all over my face.

Hair: Kletva — DEV by Vitor Algoma
Sweater: Ronsem — Crash Knit by Eow Reverie
Shirt: Schadenfreude — Oxford Shirt by Allegory Malaprop
Trousers: oyakin — armypants by kinbo Akina
Boots: 0N — Wo Boots by Mai Runo
Socks / Gloves: Pig — Argyle mit Suspender by Apatia Hammerer
Earrings / piercings: Mandala — Takayama piercings by kikunosuke eel
Makeup: Adam n Eve — Dragon tattoo by sachi Vixen
Poses: (pda); marukin


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