Once I was smart

A lot of stuff has been going on lately. It’s hard to keep up, I know. First, the Men’s 24 event is underway. This event brings 24 menswear designers together with four men’s skin designers, four men’s hair designers, and four men’s accessory designers, and the end result is pretty damn cool. For me, the highlight of the event (come on, this should surprise no one) is the Shag booth. Sebastian Aries put out three new styles, and one of them is a limited edition hair: only 100 of them will be sold at the event. I’m wearing one of the new Shag hairs (not the limited edition one…go find that on your own). It’s got some great volume and it’s got a script-tinted streak in the front. Nice.

And oh, god, all the sales. Aoharu has a 50% off sale going on right now. GO, YOU GUYS. Go buy jackets. Go buy shirts. Go take this opportunity to buy ENTIRE SUITS like this knock-your-socks-off tweed suit. I seriously might go back and buy more of these because my god I love them. This tweed jacket with scruffy jeans, with grey trousers, with a scarf, with a t-shirt, with a leather catsuit…IT’S SO VERSATILE.

P.S.: none of my pictures really show off my elbows well, but I assure you: I am wearing the very awesome leather elbow patches from Alphavillain with the tweed jacket. They just make the outfit.

There are other sales going on as well — Coco’s having a sale, for instance, and there’s some great stuff for as little as L$50. I only mention it because it’s worth mentioning; I’m not wearing anything from Coco in this post. Just wait…I will be soon. I spent a smintillion lindens there.

Also, in case anyone out in blog-land has missed it, Hogwarts: Your Story will be opening soon. Everyone on the planet is either participating or is sick to death of hearing about it, so I won’t yammer too much. I’ll just leave you with one thing: if you’re not rocking Schadenfreude’s You Know Who ties, you’re doin’ it wrong.

Hair: Shag — One Night Stand by Sebastian Aries
Suit: Aoharu — British Tweed Suit by machang Pichot
Vest: Young Urban — Roylan Vest by Trevor Turner
Shirt & Tie: Schadenfreude — Oxford Shirt with You-Know-Who Tie by Allegory Malaprop
Shoes: Treads — 77 Loafers by Ju Weissnicht
Elbow Patches (really, they’re there): Alphavillain — Elbow Patches by Laika Saintlouis
Glasses: Alphavillain — Pacifist Glasses (Gatcha) by Laika Saintlouis
Poses: Miamai, BeScene, Long Awkward Pose, Diesel Works

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