Shameless advertising. I know, I know.

You guys remember back in April, when Strawberry Singh did that whole “What’s Your Digits?” thing, and there was the Flickr group, and then I went completely bugfuck with the statistics, and I made those “average” avatars? Well, I did.

And today, sachi Vixen pointed out to me that those “average” avatars might be useful for mesh designers, since right now, mesh can’t conform to body proportions like breast size or butt size. Knowing how most avatars have actually set their body fat and whatnot might come in handy. Oh yeah, I said, with a Homer-Simpson d’oh face.

Caveat: yes, I know that these shapes are not an average of all the users of Second Life. I know that they do not encompass child AVs, furry AVs, robot AVs, non-human AVs, crazy-ass noob AVs with platform-butt and invisible-horse hips, and all the awesome variety of AVs that makes Second Life so fun. They are an average of the participants in the Flickr group. IT’S STILL USEFUL.

Caveat #2, added in 2012: As you can see from the date on this post, I made these shapes back in 2011. Spring of 2011. That’s way before mesh even hit the grid, certainly before the Standard Sizing initiative. These shapes are not compatible with standard mesh sizing. They are, however, mod, so resize to your heart’s content.

So I have put my “average” shapes out. For free. Full perm. They are NOW ON THE MARKETPLACE. Woo, look at me gettin’ with the times like all the young kids. Go get ’em (or IM me, Vaki Zenovka, and I’ll send them to you). I hope somebody finds them helpful.

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  2. Keshi says:

    I got booted 😦 If you still need a spot to put these out at your welcome to use my shop 😀

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