Sometimes when facing common trouble, when whole town is screwed
We become actually human — act like Prometheus would

Ten years ago, after this country reeled back from the staggering blow it was dealt, something beautiful happened: we started looking for ways we could help. We volunteered, we donated, we rebuilt. We were hurt and grieving and scared, but still, we joined each other in helping those who needed a hand. Some enlisted immediately, giving the country all they could offer. Some gave blood. Some donated their time to the Red Cross or other organizations. Some just reached out on an individual level, offering a shoulder to a friend or a stranger who was overwhelmed. In our own ways, we came together to reconstruct our world.

And you see brothers and sisters all engaged in sport of help
Making merry out of nothing like in refugee camp

We did this again when Katrina smashed into New Orleans. We opened up our homes to complete strangers, because they were our people, and they needed us. We donated anything we could; we gave our time and our sweat and our cheer. All over the country — not just in Louisiana or in the neighboring Southern states, but in every state — we reached out and helped to rebuild.

Even when crisis strikes outside America, we respond: in the wake of disasters in Haiti, Indonesia, and Japan, we responded, volunteering in many ways, whether it was through donations, event organization, or even actually getting on a plane and going to the stricken countries to help rebuild with our own hands. This is who we are, when the chips are down: we are a people who care, and we are a people who will come together to work.

And you think, “All right now, people, they have finally woked up”
But as soon as trouble over: watch them take another nap
Now nobody’s making merry, only trodding scared of boss
Everybody’s making hurry for some old forgotten cause

Day to day, we find it so easy to forget that this is who we are. Day to day, we get so focused on our little dramas: who fucked over whom; which politician did what that you don’t like; what’s going on with the economy that’s making you very put out. Hey, I get it: I’m trying to pay bills too; and gosh, I really hate that stupid politician who says dumb things; and I also hate that website run by that woman who posts stuff I don’t like. But none of that is legitimately divisive. We, as a country, have been through things that are potentially legitimately divisive, and we came through it by coming together, helping one another, and rebuilding. That is who we are.

Oh yeah, oh no — it doesn’t have to be so
The forces of creative mind: Unstop-op-op-able

Yeah. That’s who we are. Unstoppable.

Hair: Plume – LJ by Lulu Jameson
Shirt: Nanuk – sven shirt (tinted) by Dowr
Trousers: NSD – Chinos by Naith Smit
Vest: Aoharu – Woven vest by machang Pichot
Boots: Adjunct – Lace-Up Boot by myvegancookbook Bolissima
Glasses: bastard. – Smoovies by maxwell graf
Scarf: Muism – Crinkle scarf by icemocolo Voom
Pose: (pda) by Izzy Bereznyak

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