We’re in the movies, we’re heroes

Today, James Schwarz brought my attention to this jacket from 4mc. It’s mesh, and it’s such a great example of what I’ve been saying about mesh: mesh is just getting started, and once designers figure out how to make it work within its limitations, it’s going to be really cool. This jacket is awesome. It’s the first mesh item I’ve ever put on that fit me immediately without making me feel like I was wearing someone else’s body…because it’s designed to be bulky and loose. Instead of fitting to a particular avatar, it fits loosely to a general body shape.

It comes with six sizes (three for male avatars, three for female) and two alphas, so you can pick which one works best for you. I haven’t tried the jacket with a shape other than mine, so I don’t know how it fits larger, curvier avatars…but it fits me fantastically. Additionally, it’s scripted, so it comes with a snillion textures, including flannel, camo, and leather…and it not only comes with patches you can display on the front, back, and each arm, but the script allows the owner to add patches for unique customization.

A mesh jacket that fits me properly and moves with me instead of poking into my body like a sculpt — yeah. New favorite item in SL.

The other thing I really need to mention is: Adjunct has new boots. I wore them in my last post, but I didn’t really draw attention to them. They’re gorgeous, beautifully textured work boots. You can’t really see it, but dude, even the soles of the boots have treads — so well done. The boots come with two options: one option that attaches to the foot, to wear with trousers that have cuffs; another that attaches to the lower leg, to wear with shorts or, I don’t know, lacy underwear. Why not? Anyway, if you want to wear other stuff on your lower leg, that’s what viewers with multiple attachment points are for. You guys, these boots are really nice.

I am also rocking a great Discord Designs hair I’ve had for ages and kept meaning to blog and just never had time. I love this hair, and I wear it a lot. So much fun attitude.

Oh. And the new KOSH necklace. Man, I keep buying all the jewelry Lynaja Bade puts out…it’s got this great unisex simplicity to it that I really love. This piece doesn’t have the texture change script that items like the key or the leaf had, but it’s still really fantastic.

Hair: Discord Designs — Stampede by Kallisti Burns
Jacket: 4mc — Jacket 1 by Berta Kohl (available on the Marketplace)
Shirt: Nanuk — ulf beater by Dowr (tinted)
Shorts: Connors — Half Denim by Salah Axel
Boots: Adjunct — Lace Ups by myvegancookbook Bollisima
Stockings: Sheer by Sh Oluja
Necklace: KOSH by Lynaja Bade
Poses: Oh! Studio by Marcopol Oh; GEEZ by Grazia Horowitz; Alchemy Immortalis by Immortalis Cyannis

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  2. Beebo Brink says:

    I’m late to the party, having just tripped across this 4mc mesh jacket a few days ago on the Marketplace. I bought it even though there wasn’t a Demo available and it’s already my favorite wardobe item. I’ve built four different outfits around it using the different textures and even though we’re headed into summer, I’m not taking it off. Nuh uh.

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