Trust in me in all you do

It’s late, so forgive me for being brief. Tonight, Rob1977 Moonites released FIR & MNA’s new collection, and it looks fantastic. I’ve always liked FIR & MNA’s old-world casual elegance — vests, cardigans, sweater-vests, corduroys, cozy jackets — and Rob has continued in that vein while adding more versatility in the form of this very nice suit. The Morgan suit comes in three different shades, and the tie (which comes with) is scripted to color change.

It’s sculpted for men, and while it’s script-resize and mod (bonus!), it’s not /perfect/ for women’s shapes. However, with a little nudging and re-rotating, it works pretty well…and it really does look fantastic. I really love the jacket lining, which, like the tie, is scripted for color change, and the cuffs have changeable buttons. Among the lining options are red spots — awesome. It’s so nice to have that pop of color, which, incidentally, works very well with the rest of Rob’s current line, making the Morgan jacket (and the Morrison jacket, which is the same thing as the Morgan jacket, just without the rest of the suit, and in more colors) a great wardrobe piece if you happen to wear a lot of FIR & MNA clothes (which I do). The trousers are gorgeous, with a lot of attention paid to little details like the fabric texture and the button at the waist, and I really like the ability to wear the shirt tucked in or untucked.

One comment (edited AGAIN): the Morgan suit is currently men’s only, but Rob is planning an update later this week to add a jacket in women’s sizes. The woeful dearth of good suits for women in SL has just gotten a little bit smaller — THANK YOU, ROB. You guys, seriously, go get this. It’s good.

Oh. P.S. This wingback chair from Glitterati was last week’s FLF item, and it’s awesome and I love it. It is now part of my home’s regular decor. Yep.

As a final comment…the new lace socks from Milk Motion are so damn fun. I’m always looking for great socks in-world, and it’s awesome to finally see someone other than Pig doing something interesting with socks. Maybe there are other awesome socks out there and I just haven’t noticed them. Feel free to poke me on plurk if you’re making really cool socks and I just haven’t seen them.

Hair: Shag — Soldier Boy by Sebastian Aries
Suit: FIR & MNA — The Morgan Suit by Rob1977 Moonites
Socks: Milk Motion — My lace socks by Marie Lauridsen
Shoes: Treads — 77 Loafers by Ju Weissnicht
Poses: Glitterati (Wingback Chair) by Kaz Nayar; Stakey by Raymond Ohmai; & by Sebastian Aries

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  1. Great look and poses here. Excellent work!

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