When the lights go out

Hey! Did you miss me? My RL is settling down a lot, so I’m back! And I’m really looking forward to blogging regularly again.

I do feel a little bad. I have such a backlog of amazing things I’ve wanted to blog: outfits I’ve been wearing almost constantly in-world, hair and boots and clothes. But see, when it comes time to take pictures, I don’t start with the outfit and then just take some snapshots. I start with the pose, the body language, the attitude. Then, I look for the location. Sometimes that’s finding a great in-world spot; sometimes that’s building a set myself. Once those crucial elements are in place, I figure out what to wear that goes with the poses and location. So the really amazing stuff I’ve been wearing in-world will get blogged. Promise. As soon as it works with the picture inspiration.

For this, though, I just want to make a point of mentioning SLink’s mesh feet. I’ve been wearing SLink’s prim bare feet for aaaages. I also own sculpted bare feet from loads of other creators, but Siddean not only has made great feet, she also has a great tinting interface and provides regular updates, which has always set SLink ahead of the crowd in the sculpted foot market. Now that she’s doing mesh feet, SLink has blown the competition out of the water. They are gorgeous, they tint so easily with the aid of tattoo layers (and socks for those of us who are already using a ton of tattoo layers), and they flex and move seamlessly. I really, really love them. By the way, I have not photoshopped my feet in this picture. That’s what they look like in-world.

As a side note: since I last properly blogged, Plume closed, and Lulu Jameson opened a new store, Vaya Con Dios. I seriously have not taken off the VCD (formerly Plume) Express Yourself hairbase since I got it. It works so beautifully with all the hairs I wear, and it also looks amazing all by itself. If you see me, I’m probably wearing a VCD hairbase.

Hair: U. December — Side to Side by Kimbo Reitman
Hairbase: Vaya Con Dios — Express Yourself by Lulu Jameson
Tie: Mandala — Smexy Tie by kikunosuke eel
Tattoo: Para Designs — Anchor by Paranormal Putzo
Feet: SLink — Women’s Natural Barefeet (Mesh) by Siddean Munro

Poses: (pda) by Izzy Bereznyak; Del May by Del May
Furniture: MudHoney Seville Bath Set by Rayvn Hynes

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