What’s inside an evil man’s eyes

The eyes. Eyes in Second Life are pretty literally a dime a dozen, but good eyes — well, that’s harder. Lately a few designers have started making mesh eyes, which are surprisingly gorgeous. Mesh eyes hold textures much more clearly than system eyes or even prim eyes; it’s something to do with the number of facets or something. However, like all eyes, their quality depends on the artist creating the texture, and few people really get eyes right; it’s one of my biggest SL peeves (P.S.: the cornea is convex and transparent; the iris is concave. Light hitting the top of the cornea will light the bottom of the iris. It’s not hard!). Arkesh Baral of Mayfly has started making really beautiful mesh eyes with gorgeous textures and scripts to easily resize. Beautiful work.


You guys, this leather jacket from chronokit has just rocked my little world. It comes in a ton of different colors, and the little details really make it exceptional: the leather pulls tied to the zippers, the wrinkles and bulges that make it look like well-worn leather, the thick seams and overall heaviness of garment. It looks like a leather jacket. It hangs like a leather jacket. It just feels so familiar to me.

Ju Weissnicht used to be famous for making the K Boots, which, back in the day, were pretty much the most perfect boots in SL. Recently, she has opened a new store called Ju, and with it, released the Charlie boots. Now…I don’t generally wear heels, but ever since I got these boots, I have worn them nonstop. They’re not only beautifully made (let’s be honest: mesh shoes and boots are hit and miss; not everybody gets the foot right, yeah? Ju gets them dead-on), but the colors are rich and luxurious. More importantly to me, the boots are offered in multiple sizes, and each size comes with an alternate option for those of us who have angled our knees in from the standard 50 setting. As we move more and more towards mesh ubiquity, it’s nice to see designers offer options like that.

Hair: Shag — Hard Day’s Night by Sebastian Aries
Eyes: Mayfly — Deep Sky Mesh by Arkesh Baral
Jacket: chronokit — Motocycle Jacket by Kit Pizzicato
Trousers: League — Jipped Leather Pants by Nena Janus
Boots: Ju — Charlie boots by Ju Weissnicht
Tank: Vitamen — Ribbed Cotton Tank by Vitamen Hax
Tie: Mandala — Smexy Tie by kikunosuke Eel
Gloves: Hermony — Leather Gloves by Hermanni Laville
Facial Scars: Vaya Con Dios — Express Yourself: Scar by Lulu Jameson
Poses: Second Look by Roenik Newell; Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson

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