All dressed in rag and bones

So as everybody and their pet dog Fluffy knows by now, Entente has just opened. It’s a new store specializing in menswear and unisex wear, and most (but not all, see below) of their garments have women’s versions. They’ve also got men’s skins, hair, hats, shoes, glasses, scarves, socks, and I’m pretty sure they’re offering a kitchen sink in there somewhere.

First things first: for some people, there’s some sturm und drang because the designers behind Entente are designing under pseudonyms. Seriously. People on Second Life are freaking out because someone on Second Life is using a pseudonym. I cannot begin to smack my head enough.

Okay, I’m done dignifying that controversy.

Next: the quality of clothing is, overall, really good. It has a comfortable, cool look to it: casual, relaxed clothing with a stylish edge, like this sweater with a puffy zippered cowl neck, or a classic jacket with a sheepskin shawl collar. These are clothes that anyone could wear to look good without looking like they’re trying really hard to look good. Okay, there’s also an awesome Thriller jacket, but even that is toned down to a casual level.

The hair actually fit me straight out of the box, which surprised me, as it’s meant for a guy’s head. It comes with a hair base, and the combination works together smoothly. The hair textures are a little thick; it could use some softer textures, but otherwise it’s a good hair.

Also, I really, really like the glasses. I buy a lot of glasses in SL, and these are a great shape; their HUD makes them easy to resize (and I can tint the lenses any color I want! Check out the awesome purple!); and they work with texture packs, which is an interesting idea. I like the black tortoise shell I’m rocking.

Now for the critique…

Not all of their garments come in both male and female proportions. Normally, this doesn’t bother me, because normally, I’m fine buying men’s clothing and just resizing it…but the sweater I bought comes with a body prim that’s shaped for men and simply doesn’t fit my body. I’ve tried to make it look smooth in the picture, but it still pokes out and buries itself in my leg. Damn shame, because I love the collar.

I’m also not wearing any of Entente’s shoes (I’m wearing some of my favorite old Surf Couture shoes). The demo shoes look very cool, but they’re no mod and don’t resize. For L$450, I’m not going to buy shoes when I can’t see if they’ll look good on me. Here’s the down side of pseudonymity: there are a scant few very well-established designers I’ll pay that much money for shoes and just trust that they’ll look good.

So only a few criticisms. For the most part, it’s a really good new store.

Hair & Hair base: Entente — Thibaut by Mr. T
Sweater: Entente — L’Espace Sweater by Sting
Jeans: Entente — Classic Jeans by Meat Loaf
Glasses: Entente — Savant Glasses by Grandmaster Flash
Shoes: Surf Couture — Boardwalkers by Emma Gilmour
Blemishes: A:S:S — Imperfections by Photos Nikolaidas
Poses: Olive Juice by IsabellaGrace Baroque; Still Life by Gwyneth Reinard

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