The Justitia Legal Resource Village opens.

Pardon the interruption in normal blogging; I’m advertising just for a moment. I’ve been working awfully hard on this.

The Justitia Legal Resource Village is finally open to the public. Justitia is a group effort of several real-life attorneys who wanted to provide Second Life residents with a single in-world location to access legal information and resources. Many SL residents struggle with legal questions and face complex legal issues, but feel that they can’t find attorneys who are familiar with Second Life and virtual worlds.

You’d be surprised. There are numerous attorneys in SL, and several have their offices on Justitia, either in the village or in home offices down below the village. Our specialties include intellectual property, immigration, family law, corporate law, and other specializations, and we’re SL residents. We get it.

The Second Life Bar Association has its new home in Justitia. The SLBA, an organization of in-world attorneys, legal professionals, and others with an interest in law, focuses on education, study, and promoting the rule of law in Second Life. Its Resource Center provides educational tools for residents (always a work in progress, updated as often as I can). The SLBA meets once a month in its office building on Justitia, and will be offering seminars and information sessions open to residents now that Justitia has opened.

Come by the Justitia Legal Resource Village. Explore. Have a snack in our cafe. Drop us a notecard just to say hi. I’ll probably be around as my alt, Agenda Faromet, building something or other. Let me know what you think of the place!

Okay. Done advertising now. Back to your normally scheduled blogging.

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