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There are some events going on. I haven’t blogged them yet. This blog post is not about them. Hey, enjoy the brief respite from event blog posts! Yeah!

I know you will all be shocked and fall over to hear that I like ties, you guys. But I do. And I have wailed and gnashed my teeth and torn at my hair every time a mesh tie has come out, because they’re all made for men, and I can’t wear them, and I hate that so much about mesh. Hate it.


Oh hey, Vaki, I don’t think that really merited all the bold and caps and whatnot. SHUT UP YES IT DID, and I might just break out the blink tag for it too.

They’re not the first — Wicked Closet did mesh ties for men and women way back when mesh first went big — but they’re the first to really provide a lot of options for women’s ties. The Entente texture packs are really awesome: pick a color, and you get your tie in a solid, with stripes, with anchors, and with absolutely brilliant little skulls. Seriously, I love these things so much they’re giving my Schadenfreude ties a brief rest (BALL IS IN YOUR COURT, ALLEGORY).

Oh. Also new texture packs on the glasses at Entente. Seriously, you guys, stop making me go broke.

Hair: U.December — October by Kimbo Reitman
Hairbase: Vaya Con Dios, as usual
Jacket: AMERIE — Short Jacket by Amerie Spitteler
Shirt: iruco — Dot shirt by Luco Veeper
Trousers: Tableau Vivant — Gatsby pants by M4rilyn Magic
Tie: Entente — Les Affaires Tie by Snoop Doggy Dogg
Glasses: Entente — Savant Glasses by Bono
Boots: Gos — Urban Boot by Gospel Voom
Gloves: Connors — See-Through Camo by Salah Axel
Poses: Del May Poses by Del May; oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov

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