Ourselves with all our faults and fears

The Festival of Sin opened today. It runs from, uh, today (Feb. 18) til March 3. Dude, wait a couple of days. It’s crazy out there. There are, apparently, a lot of sinners in SL.

I’m one. I’ve been lusting for these boots ever since Gos posted teaser pics. I was horribly envious of the saucy wench, Shyla Diggs, who’d gotten to model them, and may have plotted her demise two or three times. The moment I was able to access them, I shoved some primmy bitches out of my way and snatched them up, like, fuck no, they’re all mine, you can’t have any of them. I know, right? Because once you start buying boots like these, you just can’t stop. Now that I have them, I’m the most awesome creature in all of SL; no one even compares. So I’m just going to post this blog and then go relax: my work here is done.

ANYWAY. Boots, you guys. They’re flawless. Stompy calf-length MESH combat boots — for so long, we’ve been wearing these with sculpts, which just didn’t work quite right. Gospel Voom has made them in mesh now, and they’re stellar. You can wear them folded down, like I am in the pic above; pulled up, like I am below; or just the foot piece, so you can wear them under long trousers. A HUD is included, allowing you to change every part of the boot: the fabric texture of the lining, the leather of the boot, the laces, the sole, or even the metal trim. Once the boots have been released in the Gos mainstore, texture packs and polishes will be available for purchase.

Right now, the boots are only in women’s sizes, because there are some standard sizes for women’s mesh. However, there are some groups working on standard sizing for men (and if you’re a dude and you haven’t participated yet, what the hell are you waiting for?). Once they’ve sorted out some standard sizes, Gos hopes to release these boots for men, with laces instead of ribbons. So male AVs, if you want some seriously gorgeous stompy combat boots, go put your damn digits in. Go. Now.

I’ve blogged most of the other stuff before, except this trapper’s cap from Tonktastic, which is excellent. Texture change, resize, and I look sexy in it. Oh yeah. Well, okay, I don’t look like Elmer Fudd in it, which ultimately is my only requirement.

There will be more later from Festival of Sin once I can handle the lagfest!

Hat: TonkTastic — Ushanka by Tonk Tomcat
Shirt: Vitamen — Ribbed Cotton Tank by Vitamen Hax
Shorts: Ronsem — Jinbei black by Eow Reverie (photoshopped: they don’t actually go with the suspenders like that.)
Boots: Gos — Triumph Boots by Gospel Voom (available at Festival of Sin)
Socks: League — Gartered Socks by Nena Janus
Suspenders: Meriken — Suspenders by Yaszi Mornington
Watch: GBTM — Indian by Beyondthematrix Boa
Tattoo: Garden of Ku — Angels&Demons by Danel Kurosawa
Poses: Del May by Del May; Luba by novalita constantine

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