Your life’s a dimestore novel

My love/hate with mesh continues, but I’m really leaning more and more toward the love side. See, check this out. coldLogic, a collaborative effort between a couple remarkably talented mesh designers, has been putting out some really beautiful stuff. Does it look like my body? No. It’s pretty curvy, even in the smaller sizes. But it’s still gorgeous stuff, and with some styling, I’m able to pull it off. True, this outfit gives me a shape that isn’t mine. Astute observers will note that I don’t have tits like that shirt gives me (it’s okay, you can stare. I’ll be right here when you’re done). However, astute observers will also note the more important point: even wearing an entire outfit that slightly adjusts my shape, I still look like me.

So yeah, while I’m still frustrated by a number of things, I’m on board. Plus, more mesh options means more variety. Maybe someday I’ll even get some hottie mesh suits for women. Dear mesh creators: remember how hot Annie Lennox looked in a suit? You know you wanna.

Hairbase: VCD, as usual
Shirt, Trousers: coldLogic — Lane & Fields by coldlogic
Tie: Entente — Les Affaires Tie by Albert Camus
Shoes: Coco — COCO Oxford Shoes by cocoro Lemon
Hat: theosophy — Waterbeck Hat by Trace Osterham
Jacket: Sweetest Goodbye — 4Minute Jacket by Morphine Janick (no longer available)
Bag: Fleshtone — The BlackLeather Satchel by Gisele Mubble
Cigarette: N326 by mame Anthony
Poses: (pda) by Izzy Bereznyak

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3 Responses to Your life’s a dimestore novel

  1. Alyx says:

    I have the same problem with mesh, I’m using it for photography (loving mesh hair especially), but for my own clothes, I can’t wear the guy stuff because it’s too big and the clothes for women are too curvy. I second the call for a designer to make an Annie Lennox style suit though!
    I saw a video on YouTube though, LL are working on making mesh fit your avi’s shape apparently, I forgot to bookmark the video, but if I find it again I’ll send you the link! :))

    • Vaki says:

      You’re referring to Qarl’s mesh deformer. There’s been a little drama over that, actually: Qarl created a mesh deformer, offered it to LL, and LL said ‘Eh, no thanks, we’ll make our own. Someday. Maybe. When we get around to it.’ So right now there are a few third party viewers that offer Qarl’s code, but the main viewer does not. Qarl’s code is a little kludgey: it’s a deformer, so it stretches some bits and compacts others, which can skew textures and make mesh bunch up. However, it’s a really good start, and I hope LL gets their shit together and offers one for the rest of us.

      I’m in exactly the same spot, though. The guy stuff is enormous and, more importantly, gives me man-shape: wide, flat chest; broad shoulders; no hips. Don’t want a man shape. The women’s stuff is really curvy. However, there’s some mesh stuff that either is designed to hang loosely (see the 4mc jacket I blogged a few months ago); is small pieces to mix in with other attire (the Entente tie I’m never taking off ever again); or looks good enough that I can work with the somewhat larger boobs / smaller waist (the coldLogic shirt).

      • Alyx says:

        Ah yes, that was it! Well fingers crossed that in time LL will realise that those of us who have spent a lot of time achieving a certain look don’t want to be forced into generic shapes!
        Thank you for the recommendations though, I will take a look at the mesh items that will fit me and just hope that the future will bring me a perfect mesh suit :))

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