I know a path but it can wait little boy

One more before my awesome Pose Fair 2012 preview. You will wait! Because check out this shirt from chronokit. It’s a mesh work shirt, and it’s frikking gorgeous. Kit Pizzicato made this shirt just right: it looks so slouchy and soft and comfortable it makes me want to go put on something flannel in real life. The textures are absolutely beautiful: yes, of course mesh can create wrinkles and depth, but the textures create depth as well, and convey the softness of the fabric, creating a very, very realistic shirt that drapes well. It comes in three sizes for women and three sizes for men, and the men’s sizes almost fit me — if the alpha was a little different, I could wear the men’s shirts. I may make my own alpha, but I don’t really need to; the women’s mesh works fine and isn’t form-fitting (a shirt like this wouldn’t be anyway).

It also comes in twelve textures: eight plaids and four solids. They’re really just exceptionally made. Seriously, I almost never fatpack things, and I bought the whole fatpack of this shirt, and I’m just going to toss out all my other flannel shirts. Sorry, everybody else. These are better.

Here’s the back of the chronokit shirt…and this leads me to my next point.

The Men’s Department just opened a couple of days ago. It’s a monthly sales event, like The Dressing Room, except it’s aimed at men (and those of us who like menswear etc), much like Narcissus’ Room. They’ve gathered some truly impressive designers for this event, like Shag, (pda), Sleepy Eddy, and OH MY GOD, you guys, POST. Okay, pardon me a moment, I’m a building and decor geek, and oh my god, I love Van Auster’s work like crazy. I didn’t know he’d started using mesh, and to see him participating in a sales event like this about made me need a new pair of jeans. This gorgeous stool and ashtray stand are available at the Men’s Dept, and the items on the ashtray stand are unlinked, so you can move them around your home to your little virtual heart’s desire. Seriously, how gorgeous are they?

The hair I’m wearing (from Shag) and this pose (from (pda)) also come from the Men’s Dept. See how much awesome stuff you can get there? Now go. I’ll be here when you get back.

Speaking of Narcissus’ Room, my cigarette comes from there. So many fantastic new events lately! So little money!

Hair: Shag — This Charming Man by Sebastian Aries (at the Men’s Department)
Hairbase: Vaya Con Dios – Express Yourself – Elegance by Lulu Jameson
Skin: Tableau Vivant — Noctis female by Aida Ewing
Shirt: chronokit — Shirt by kit Pizzicato
Underwear: NANUK berg briefs by Dowr
Feet: Slink — Mesh Feet by Siddean Munro
Tattoo: Vestigium — Scale Sleeves by Lu Scorpio
Cigarette: OPERA — Bent cigarette by Soyer Roussel (at Narcissus’ Room)
Furniture: POST — Endion Industrial Stool and Lonsdale Ashtray Stand by Van Auster (at the Men’s Department)
Poses: Olive Juice by Isabellagrace Baroque; Diesel Works by Rogan Diesel; (pda) by Izzy Bereznyak (at the Men’s Department)

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    You look fantastic in plaid, that’s for sure.

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