Keep the streets empty for me

Stop the presses. Christabel North of 4mc just sent me some boots.

You guys. Bel doesn’t release things often, but when she does, it’s worth it. Remember when she released the really incredible unisex mesh jacket that finally showed a glimpse of mesh’s potential? She does pretty cool stuff. Anyway, she just came out with some mesh boots. Here’s a better picture!

Now, while it’s true that there’s no such thing as too many awesome stompy boots, I can see that you might look at these and say: “But Vaki, these are just plain old stompy boots. Eh.” No! They are NOT plain old stompy boots. And here is why.

First, when you get them, you don’t get, like, a million sizes to fill up your inventory. You get a scripted size chooser, and while wearing that, you try on all the sizes and configurations of the Duty Boots there are. You pick the one that fits you, then click “Get this size,” and the script delivers that size to you. Less inventory clutter! If anything goes wrong, or if you change your shape later, just get a new size! Easy. Pretty sure they’re unisex, too: they’re in a very wide range of sizes. Next, check out this:


Yeah. That’s the customization HUD. Black and red stompy boots? Sure. Desert camo stompy boots? Peachy. Pink and blue plaid stompy boots with floral trim? You betcha. Make it happen.

Also, I am being totally remiss by not talking up the seriously amazing job Kallisti Burns is doing transitioning to mesh hair. I don’t love most mesh hair — it looks really heavy and thick and clumpy. Kalli is doing it so right by using mesh for her braids, letting the challenges of mesh become assets for her. Smart. This style is available at the Wear Grey event for another week and a half.

Hair: Discord Designs — Sydd by Kallisti Burns
Skin: Tableau Vivant — Noctis female by Aida Ewing
Shirt: TonkTastic — Tanktop by Tonk Tomcat
Overshirt: *chronokit* Shirt by Kit Pizzicato
Jeans: NSD — 25Jeans by Naith Smit
Boots: 4mc — Duty Boots by Christabel North, available on Marketplace
Tattoo: Vestigium — Scale Sleeves by Lu Scorpio
Necklace: KOSH — The Key Necklace by Lynaja Bade
Poses: oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov; Di’s Opera by Di Hoorenbeek

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