OMG Pose Fair 2012

YEAH BOYEEEEEE Pose Fair 2012 is almost HEEEEERE!

Pardon my freak out, but this is my favorite event of the year. Some people are shoe collectors. Some people are nuts for fancy dresses. Some people are crazy for hair (okay, I’m kind of big on hair, too, but back to the subject). Me, I’m a nutjob for poses. A good pose makes a picture. I usually build my entire pictures around a pose, and the styling comes out of what the pose is conveying. So finding great poses is really important for me, right? RIGHT.

Also, Pose Fair is always a really fun event, with lots of really awesome stuff. People really get creative and come out with just awesome, beautiful, fantastically creative work, and it’s that kind of creativity that helps make our virtual world such a great place to be.

Buckle up. I had so many great pictures I just slapped them into one big image, and here it comes:

Please visit my Flickr to see bigger, individual versions of each of those shots. I didn’t want this post to be War and frikkin’ Peace. ANYWAY. I was honored to be chosen as a Pose Fair blogger, and first, let me take a moment to thank Katey Coppola and Hallie Galli for their amazing work organizing the Fair, and a massive thanks to Isla Galeach for the phenomenal Pose Fair build (you guys, it’s seriously impressive and also low-lag!). Also, a million thanks to all the very generous pose fair creators for their blogger packs. Seriously, wow. Thank you. I look forward to featuring Pose Fair poses for the next…uh….forever. Thank you.


I want to highlight a couple of shops I found. I know pose stores pretty well, but I’d never seen Apple Spice Poses before, or H+L, or D-Luxx. The poses from these stores were exceptional, and I’m so excited to have found new stuff that’s dynamic and really carries a sense of motion and energy. Love it.

Okay. I’m done yammering for now. FOR NOW, because you’ll get more details when the fair actually opens. Pose Fair opens Sunday April 15th at 12pm and ends on April 30th at midnight. ARE YOU EXCITED?

Big picture: Sparrowtree Studios Poses
Smaller pictures, left to right, top to bottom:
H+L Poses
Apple Spice Poses
CnS e-motion
All available at Pose Fair 2012


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2 Responses to OMG Pose Fair 2012

  1. Hani Cheng says:

    :O I’ve always enjoyed your blog. Your style and the photos you take are awesome! Thank you so much for mentioning [H+L] and I’m so happy you liked our poses. Lilu says hi!

    • Vaki says:

      I didn’t notice that H+L was you! I loved your poses. So much energy and spirit in them! I’m always struggling to find great dynamic poses like that; not many people make them. I liked them so much it was hard to figure out which one to show off in this post, because I didn’t want to use one I’m totally going to build a picture around soon and have people go yawn, saw that pose already. 😀

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