Let me hear you scream if you’re with me

I have been whining and begging for somebody to make a mesh suit for women for months, right? Well, apparently I am one lazy blogging ho, because what I didn’t do was get off my butt and go to Bare Rose. June Dion has been quietly churning out mesh like nobody’s business for ages, and like everything else at Bare Rose, it’s cheap, creative, and amazing. Usually, if June makes an outfit for men, she’s going to make a comparable outfit for women…so if she makes a suit for men, she’s going to make one for women. Granted, her women’s suit is a suit jacket and a cute short skirt, but so what. It’s the jacket I wanted.

You can wear the jacket with or without the shirt, but if you want to wear it without the shirt, you’ll need a different alpha layer (seriously, making your own alpha layer = not hard). The shirt comes with three different ties, one of which is tintable. YEAH YOU GUYS. Go get you some.

P.S.: guys, this means that yes, this suit is available for you too. With pants instead of skirt. In loads of different colors. Women only have black and white to choose from; guys have a wide array. Women, don’t fret too much; the white suit is tintable!

Worth noting, though: it comes in only one size. I’m pretty happy about how it fit me, but if you’re looking for a curvier fit, you’re not going to find it in this suit. Fortunately, June does make other sizes for some of her other garments, and she does have demos (for some items; not every item has a demo).

I am not wearing the skirt that comes with the outfit. I’m wearing trousers from coldlogic, which I like very much. I hope it surprises no one to note that my pics have been photoshopped some — a side effect of mesh is gumby joints, which even very good designers can’t really work around. A pose like this, unfortunately, would really show up how rubbery mesh makes the avatar look without a little photo correction.

P.S.: still showing off poses from Pose Fair 2012, which — tragically! — will be Katey Coppola’s last Pose Fair. Pose Fair runs until April 30, so get your asses over there before it is GONE FOREVER.

Also, check me out in heels. I had to buy them just for this picture, because it’s truly been so long since I bought girly shoes that all my red heels still have invisiprims. (Except my Charlie boots, which I can’t wear under mesh trousers. Ah, mesh! So good, yet so frustrating!) Secretly, if I wore heels, I’d wear the hell out of these. Classy.

Skin: Tableau Vivant — Noctis female by Aida Ewing
Hair: Shag — Handsome Devil by Sebastian Aries
Suit Jacket, Shirt, Tie: Bare Rose — Slim Black Lady by Mayflo Smails
Trousers: coldLogic — dailey by coldlogic
Shoes: mon tissu — Sloane Pumps by Elie Spot
Nails: MANDALA — SINRA nails by kikunosuke Eel
Piercings: MANDALA — Takayama Piercing by kikunosuke Eel
Makeup: La Malvada Mujer — Poppy & Benzoic by Faina Cortes
Makeup: Deviant Girls — 010101 by ruby69kill Moonites
Poses: Apple Spice by applespicestore; Exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer; Le Cygne by Swan Fayray


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