Just a foreign town with a foreign mind

Okay, I’m blogging this with reservations. Even the most casual peruser of my blog will notice that I love a nice blazer, right? And hey, look, a blazer! In mesh! Meant for women! Pretty cool, right?

Except here’s the thing. While I do like it, it’s only an okay blazer, and what’s more, it’s a template. Maybe I’m behind the times, but I’m only just coming across mesh templates, and I’m not a fan. I guess with sculpt templates, at least there was some creativity from the designer: generally (with clothes, at least, as opposed to shoes or other accessories) the sculpts were just pieces that fit in to a larger whole, and the designer still had to create the rest of the garment. Additionally, because the system textures couldn’t wrinkle or carry depth, it was up to the designer to handle shading and texturing that would create the look of a realistic item. With mesh, most of that’s done for you. You just slap some textures on and make a profit.

Here’s the exact same blazer in a different texture from a totally different vendor:

A quick Marketplace search shows four other vendors — in addition to the two above — selling this exact blazer, with the only difference being the textures. Hey, you can get it in tie dye! And a closer look shows the full perm source, if you’re interested in making your own just like it.

The more things change….

Hair: Gritty Kitty — Owen by Noam Sprocket
Skin: Tableau Vivant, as usual
Blazer: LG femme, LMD, Blueberry Time, Nyte’n’Day, Echo, Exquis, etc…
Trousers: Elephant Outfitters — Journey Tweed Slacks by Hudsen Armidi
Boots: Ju — Charlie Boots by Ju Weissnicht
Necklace: Oh! Studio — My Dice Neckchain by Marcopol Oh
Poses: Can’t remember the first one (sorry!); evolve by Bellastarr Fhang


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3 Responses to Just a foreign town with a foreign mind

  1. Gidge says:

    So much of mesh is template….I can’t decide if I care.

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  3. Yes I totally agree, I am still myself in the process of learning Blender. I looked around at mesh clothing but it seems to have become a generic thing – 60 different versions of one piece of clothing. I find that with Photoshop I really can to go out of my way to create something unique, while with mesh – indeed slap on a texture and you’re done. Until I am capable of creating mesh myself, I am very hesitant in buying mesh templates.

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