I’ll give you candy give you diamonds give you pills

Come with me for a moment on a little journey. We’re going not just into Second Life but into an actual other life, a life where not every girl grows up dreaming about being a princess and wearing a big white whirl of satin on her wedding day. I know, it’s a stretch. But come with me.

In Second Life, people can — and do — get married to whomever they want. It’s kind of nice, actually: SL is pretty open about who gets to marry whom. But in Second Life, if you’re a woman who wants to get married, you pretty much have two options as far as What To Wear: you can go with the Big White Poofy Dress (or its close cousin, the Sexy White Slinky Dress), or you can try to make a tux work. Nobody made options for non-traditional wedding wear: formal clothes that retained some femininity without going all the way to the Big White Dress.

Not anymore.

Today, Monica Outlander of Miamai sent me a present. I know she’s been working on her wedding collection forever, and it officially comes out tomorrow, but she sent me a sneak peek at one piece of it. You guys. Look! Sexy, strong, fierce as hell non-traditional wedding wear!

First off, the texturing is gorgeous. Okay, if you’ve ever shopped at Miamai before, the fact that the texturing is gorgeous will not come as a surprise to you, but I’m gonna say it anyway. The rich brocade is really nice, the lace is lovely, and Monica does feathers like nobody else on the grid. Also, this is Monica’s first foray into mesh (along with the mesh pants she has out at Culture Shock), and as is customary for her, she’s doing some cool stuff with it, creating fun shapes and silhouettes that no one else is doing.

It also comes with shoulder pieces, which I’m not wearing because they got in the way of my pictures and I’m vain, but they look pretty damn cool.

There are a couple of minor flaws, which I have mentioned to Monica, and which may be resolved before the collection goes live. I mean, little things, like the feathers being transparent from the back. Do you care? Didn’t think so. (Scroll down for a rear view, and check out how nice these trousers make my butt look. Yeah, you’re not looking at the feathers, are you? Neither am I.)

This outfit is just one piece of Miamai’s wedding collection, which will be available in the Miamai mainstore tomorrow, May 13. There’ll probably also be some Big White Dresses. Start saving your lindens. It’ll rock.

Skin: Tableau Vivant, as usual
Hair: Burley — Sofian by Bella Earst
Outfit: Miamai — Marlene by Monica Outlander
Shoes: fri.day — Dream Booties by Jolie Monday
Lipstick: Glam Affair — Nina Lipstick by Aida Ewing
Poses: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson; exposeur by RubyStarlight Writer; Del May by Del May


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  1. E. C. says:

    Would you share the locale where you took the photos please? I recognize the animals from “Avatar” but where is it? Thanks!

  2. E.C. says:

    Thanks a bunches! 🙂

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