New series of legal discussions for SL residents

Many of my friends are interested in how the law applies to Second Life and other virtual worlds (like Cloud Party) or social media platforms (like Facebook, plurk, or blogs). There are a lot of really interesting questions that come up for content creators, bloggers, artists, writers, DJs, models, coders, and basic residents of virtual worlds that have some pretty complex legal answers, and in many cases those answers are unique to virtual worlds and social media.

I am starting a monthly series of presentations on legal issues in Second Life. The first will be tomorrow (Saturday), July 7, at 2 PM SLT at the Justitia Legal Resource Village. We will discuss Copyright in Virtual Worlds and Social Media. The discussion will cover the basics of copyright, including exclusive rights, registration, and how copyright affects virtual worlds and social media; terms of use, and how terms of use govern users of virtual worlds and social media; Pinterest as an example of copyright and terms of use; ownership of virtual goods; and infringement actions in the virtual world and social media context.

I will be doing the presentation as my alt, Agenda Faromet, but it’s still the same old me in there. Please come by and don’t hesitate to ask questions or raise any concerns you may have.

Next month there’ll be a different topic. See you there!

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