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I know, I know, everybody’s already done their OMG IT IS AUTUMN pics. But where I live, the leaves aren’t in any hurry to change color, and it kind of stays a nice moderate temperature until very late in the year — hell, it’s still shorts weather today. But autumn makes me miss real seasons — I miss the crunch of leaves, of diving into big leaf piles and tossing someone else’s hard work all over their lawn, of branches and twigs poking into my hair and arms. I miss the smell of it, the snap to the air, the skeletal trees.

It’s a virtual world. I could have a few hours of virtual fall.

I’m so happy risey Arai of Sey is doing mesh now. This sweater has been all over the feeds lately, and for good reason. When you get it, you get SO MANY OPTIONS, you guys. First: it’s unisex, so you get (standard) sizes for men and women. Second: you get it with and without the undershirt. Third: you get a HUD that textures / patterns each layer, as well as adds patterns to the suspenders, and the suspenders on the undershirt are independent from the suspenders on the overshirt. Fourth: each layer (except the suspenders) can be tinted to your desire. Fifth: it looks like you get even more stuff if you fatpack, but I didn’t, so I can’t be certain. Sixth, and this is really just a bonus for me: it’s got such a great shape. Not all mega-boob-y. God, I love this sweater.

Dear risey Arai: Y U NO MAKE MOAR UNISEX. I used to be able to wear Sey’s menswear a lot, before mesh. risey’s putting out some gorgeous mesh work, but almost all of it is rigged for men and doesn’t work for women. THIS IS MY SAD FACE.

As a side note, yesterday someone asked people to list their favorite hair stores in SL. It really made me realize how few hair stores are putting out men’s / short hairs now. Burley and Exile are doing men’s mesh styles (but at Exile, they’re few and far between). Dura and Atro Patena are doing excellent non-mesh styles. There are a few smaller shops putting out some good hairs, but since mesh made long hair so exciting, hair designers have pretty much abandoned short hair. That’s really, really unfortunate.

However, the upside: the few designers that are doing short styles are kicking some ass at it. Mechul Actor of Atro Patena is only getting better as he gets into his niche, for instance, and Atro Patena is rapidly becoming my go-to hair. If you haven’t checked it out, you should.

Skin: Tableau Vivant, as usual
Hair: Atro Patena — Noah by Mechul Actor
Hairbase: VCD, as usual
Sweater: SEY — Cut-off Ensemble by risey Arai
Jeans: coldLogic — Cuoco jeans by ColdLogic
Boots: Gos — Desert boots by Gospel Voom
Poses: [H+L] by Hani Cheng; D.Luxx Poses by Reo Blinker


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