Morning coffee on my patio

Morning coffee

I have a lot of friends who make furniture. Just as I am really entranced by good poses in SL, I am also absolutely enthralled by really well-done furniture, and I spend the majority of my SL budget on both furniture and on a nice plot of land to keep a house where I can show off my furniture. Having once (briefly and embarrassingly) tried to enter the SL furniture-making market, I have a great appreciation for those who create the pieces of art that give our virtual lives a realistic background and allow us to build the world around us the way our minds’ eye says it should be.

Buckle up, my freaky darlings. This post is gonna get spammy.

Caffrey Loft 1

A while ago, when I first built my new house, I swore I’d take pictures of it eventually. And I meant to! But it’s never really been done, you know. I keep decorating. I keep finding new and awesome pieces to add to it. But my landlord, Alicia Chenaux (who is awesome, by the way), set up the sim for winter, and it just looks so nice for pictures. So here you go.

The house is mine. The stuff in it, which is really the heart of the place, is the work of amazingly talented furniture designers. Let’s take a look.

Caffrey Loft 2

My dining table and chairs are by Trace Osterham of Theosophy. Trace isn’t still in SL, and that’s a damn shame, because his work was exceptional, and still holds up even with the proliferation of mesh. Beyond it, the rolling bar and the wingback chairs are by Kaz Nayar of PILOT. The chairs aren’t available anymore. For someone relatively new to mesh, Kaz is doing really impressive work, and most of his work is right in my modern/industrial chic style.

You can sort of see the patio in this picture, but you can see it better if you scroll up to the first picture. That set is from Cory Edo of Trompe L’oeil, and Cory’s work is so beautiful it’s not even funny. The plants are from mainstays like Botanical and Arctic Greenhouse, as well as newer stores like floorplan and Apple Fall.

Caffrey Loft 3

Ah, POST. I have loved Van Auster’s work for years, and mesh just seems to have rejuvenated him. I have so much POST furniture I can’t fit it all in my little house. It’s gorgeous, perfectly crafted, and meticulous in its details: poses that just suit the set, texture changes that make sense, sets that hand out beautiful martinis or absinthe.

Scattered around the living room are pieces from Cheeky Pea (the beautiful birdcage), Apple Fall (the globe and boxes), PILOT (the table and lamp), Art Dummy (the doll), Little Boxes (the picture frames), and Painted Lily (the artwork).

Caffrey Loft 4

In the bedroom, the first thing to mention is the bed, by Gala Charron of Art Dummy. She also did the beautiful doll with the lantern in the living room. Art Dummy offers really creative, whimsical, artistic furniture that works well as conversation pieces.

I also want to mention the screen by Ravyn Hynes of MudHoney. The screen isn’t much, but the fact that it’s from MudHoney is: I couldn’t take pictures of everything in my house, and I have a lot of MudHoney. You should see the bathroom. Ravyn makes beautiful, practical furniture, and I would be remiss to do a furniture post without mentioning her. The same goes for Dutchie Hoorenbeek of Dutchie: again, if I’d taken pictures of the bathroom or kitchen, I’d show a ton of Dutchie’s pieces. It wouldn’t be a furniture post without mentioning them.

I’ve left a lot of people out. I’m sorry. There were only so many things I could take pictures of, and only so many pieces I could specifically mention in a post that’s already really long. But seriously, thank you thank you thank you, furniture designers. Without you, I’d be living in a very boring prim.

Skin: Tableau Vivant
Hair: Exile — Revolver by Kevar Cleanslate
Jacket: coldLogic — Meek by coldLogic
Jeans: coldLogic — Cuoco by coldLogic
Glasses: Entente — Savant by Entente
Shoes: Monso — My Leather Oxford by Morphine Janick
Socks: Pig — Argyle Sock (Uncle Harry) by Apatia Hammerer
Pose: Oh! Studio by Marcopol Oh

Furniture and Decor: Apple Fall by warehousefifteendesigns, Arctic Greenhouse by Logan Bauer, Art Dummy by Gala Charron, Barcode by Makenzie Irling, Botanical by Kriss Lehmann, Cheeky Pea by Isla Galeach, Conspiracy Theory by Ewan Mureaux, DIGS by Iris Maskelyne, Dutchie by Dutchie Hoorenbeek, floorplan by Tegan Serin, Little Boxes by Sesi Ackland, MESHWORX by loz hyde, MudHoney by Ravyn Hynes, nordari by Jordan Giant, North West by Lili Brink, Ohmai! by Anya Ohmai, Painted Lily by Belochka Shostakovich, PILOT by Kaz Nayar, POST by Van Auster, Shop Seu by Seu Ahn, Theosophy by Trace Osterham, Trompe L’oeil by Cory Edo

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2 Responses to Morning coffee on my patio

  1. Trace says:

    I happened upon this post by chance, and it made me smile!
    Thank you for your high praise– I can’t make any promises, but I *am* tackling mesh head-on, and may be back in some form eventually, even if it’s just the Marketplace.

    Best Regards!

    • Vaki says:

      That makes me tremendously happy to hear, Trace. Yours was always one of my favorite furniture stores in SL, and more than that, you always set the bar for customer service. I look forward to seeing you back in SL.

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