Fair Use on the Internet

Fair Use

We talk a lot about fair use. What is it, really? What is the use that is fair? There are a lot of things that many people don’t understand about fair use. There are a lot of things that many people assume — correctly, incorrectly, or only partially correctly — about fair use. And it only gets more complex when you add in how fair use works on the internet, because fair use is so integral to the internet as we know it.

Come to Justitia on Saturday, January 26, at 10 am SLT to hear Tim Faith, a Maryland attorney specializing in technology and intellectual property, and me (as my alt, Agenda Faromet) discuss how fair use works, how it affects the internet, and common misconceptions about fair use.


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  1. Vanish says:

    Hi, just in case you don’t see it on your plurk timeline, I uploaded a recording of the event here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8pbWxf_cJs

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