Let me show you a few things

You're dressed in that dress I like

Suits. How much do I talk about the need for good women’s businesswear in SL? A lot. Yes, I know, you’re all tired of it…but you’re not all tired of seeing me in suits, so I’m gonna keep going. A friend of mine pointed me at Mutresse the other day. It’s a brand new store with not much in it yet, but Eeky Cioc is making suits, and they’re perfect. They come in a snillion colors, the texturing is gorgeous (seriously, so gorgeous I even bought the pink one for my alt…pink, you guys, because it’s such a light, shimmery color it made me giddy), the weighting hangs beautifully, and the fit is excellent. From what I am told, they’re all original mesh, and the work is really, really good. I wish I’d fatpacked while they were on sale. Go. Suit up. You won’t regret it.

In other news, bloggers have been all over the study Froukje Hoorenbeek released last week for Dutchie, and rightly so. It’s absolutely beautiful work. But let’s be honest, we bloggers like to get our naughty on, and I wanted to show that the Dutchie study isn’t just about the Adult version. The PG version of the chairs look just the same, yes, but that’s not what makes them exceptional. First, they’re actually business-appropriate. There are no animations here that would be unacceptable in your office or home — no cuddles or make-outs. There are some very nice wine- and coffee-drinking poses (the chairs dispense objects), but the chairs are perfectly work-safe. Even better, they resize and the animations still work. If the chair is too big, scale it down some and you’ll still be able to use it.

As long as I got my suit and tie

As long as I got my suit and tie….

On Vaki:
Skin: Tableau Vivant, as usual
Hair: Exile — Revolver by Kevar Cleanslate
Hair base: AITUI — Etched Hair Base – Monumentum by Jesseaitui Petion
Suit: Mutresse — Simona Trousers and Jacket by Eeky Cioc
Bra: Maitreya Bra Top by Onyx LeShelle
Shoes: monso — My Leather Oxford by Morphine Janick
Hands: Slink — Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro

On Ismene:

Skin: Glam Affair — Cassiopea by Aida Ewing
Hair: TRUTH — Devina by Truth Hawks
Dress: coldLogic — manza by coldlogic
Shoes: G.Field — Flower Pumps by Cerberus Noel
Jewelry: League — Wanderer -Oak- by Nena Janus

DARE by Chance Greatrex; Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson (retired)

Dutchie study by Froukje Hoorenbeek; PILOT by Kaz Nayar, POST by Van Auster

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  1. That suit is killer. KILLER. And you are wearing the living *shit* out of it Vaki.

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