I am the abstract

I am the abstract

Let’s be honest: most of SL fashion is limited to the Ken and Barbie wardrobe staples. It’s geared towards casual, everyday wear, and when it dresses up, it only reaches to pretty gowns and suits. There’s not a lot of avant garde, envelope-pushing fashion, because it’s hard to make and the market is small. But there are a wonderful few artists in SL really going for the outré and the unusual.

For Miamai’s BlackLabel collection, Monica Outlander makes some very exciting, unusual, avant-garde work. She’s really concentrating on the silhouette of her pieces: strange angles, enhanced curves, playing with masculine and feminine and hinting at fantasy shapes. She offers jackets for men and women that suggest suits of armor, with tiny insect wings drooping off the back; whimsical tutu skirts with winged legs; boots that trap butterflies; horned hoods and elegant leather opera gloves with fins and talons; and this demonic bodysuit, with its legs that hint at a satyr’s and its horned breasts.

It’s fashion like this that reminds me that SL really is a fantasy world, and makes me so enjoy pushing the bounds of what I can do and be in it.

Skin: Tableau Vivant as usual
Hair: Exile — Revolver by Kevar Cleanslate
Everything else: Miamai — Antara by Monica Outlander
Pose: Di’s Opera by Di Hoorenbeek

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