So bloody your hands on the cactus tree

Bloody your hands on the cactus tree

I’m slow to post these days, but I promise I’m working on it. I’ll never be a daily blogger, but I do really like taking pictures and writing when I can.

For now, dig it: loads of new stuff! First, oh my god, these boots. Ju Weissnicht of Ju (formerly of Treads…you know, she made the K Boots that everyone lived in for years) doesn’t release new shoes often, but when she does, her work is so worth it, especially now that she’s moved to working in mesh. These boots are beautifully crafted and textured, and here’s what I like best about them: they’re mid-calf, and she’s not only made them in the normal standard sizes, she’s made them in three calf widths. This is good for two reasons: first, this means they’ll fit more body shapes, and I’m always happy to see mesh designers offering more options that make room for different body shapes; and second, see the picture. If you’re wearing pants that come over the boots, just wear the smallest calf option, and it (probably) won’t poke through your pant leg. Nice, huh? The fatpack also comes with an easy HUD for changing colors, so you don’t have to stuff your inventory with tons of objects.

Anouk and Elie Spot of mon tissu keep putting out really, really high-quality casual classics in mesh — the kind of clothes that just look like what you’d like to wear on a summer Saturday. Whether you’re into light, soft sundresses or cute shorts or slouchy sweatshirts, mon tissu nails it perfectly. I tried on these khakis and just fell in love with the demo: they just look so soft, so weathered, just perfectly loose and comfortable. I’m not much of a khaki wearer in real life, but I just love how comfy and easy these look. Going to live in them for a while.

While I was putting this outfit together, I started looking for a belt to go with it. Side note: why are mesh belts so rare? WTF, designers! We need belts! Unrigged. Not just a template. My search led me to Connors, which was a good thing, though — I used to shop at Connors regularly, but Salah Axel was very slow to respond to mesh, so I stopped checking in. Salah has joined the mesh world quite nicely now: she’s creating some excellent items. The belt and the poncho are both from Connors, and I’m a huge fan of both.

The last thing I’ll mention, because it’s really cool, is the tattoo from Vestigium (which you can barely see in this picture…I’ll try to do a better one later). Arm tattoos in SL are frustrating, because (due to the way the avatar mesh is made) anything you do on one arm has to appear on the other arm, and who does symmetrical arm tattoos in real life like that? Lu Scorpio has started offering mesh arm tattoos, thus allowing single-arm tattoos. Go check it out. It’s worth getting.

Skin: Tableau Vivant
Hair: Exile — Revolver by Kevar Cleanslate
Poncho: Connors — Knit Cape by Salah Axel
Trousers: mon tissue — Cotton Pants by Anouk Spot
Boots: Ju — 91 boots by Ju Weissnicht
Belt: Connors — Leather Belt by Salah Axel
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style — Domino by Koguma Kumaki
Necklace: ISON — Stark Dagger Necklace by Harry Hyx
Tattoo: Vestigium — Lady Muerta by Lu Scorpio
Hands: Slink — Mesh hands by Siddean Munro
Pose: Apple Spice by applespicestore

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