Justitia Virtual Legal Resource Village celebrates Law Day!

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The SL Bar Association and Justitia Virtual Legal Resource Village are once again putting on a month-long celebration of law in Second Life. This is their fourth year of celebrating Law Day in SL, and this year’s festival promises to be the best yet.

As most of you know, I’m a member (and former board member) of the SLBA, and I organized this event…and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out this year.

The events start today with a vendor market that will run all month. Six extremely generous vendors — Yummy!, oOo Studio, !bang, Theosophy, A:S:S, and ISON — have given their time, their talents, and their wares to create unique items in the law and justice theme, and are offering them at 100% donation to the SLBA so it can keep offering educational programming in-world on legal issues that affect SL residents.


Seriously, you should see the things people put out! I don’t care if I’m supposed to be impartial: Polyester Partridge went above and beyond with her awesome justice scale earrings. Never taking them off ever.

Additionally, there are info boards spread out over the village displaying information about a few of our past presentations. Stroll through Justitia and learn about the basics of copyright, fair use myths, how to interpret the SL terms of service, and many other legal issues.

Events get into high gear at 10 am SLT on May 3, when the festival really kicks off. We’ll have a presentation by Faye Blackheart on the current state of voting rights in the United States, a highly charged and controversial issue that’s (coincidentally) back in the spotlight this week after a federal court just struck down Wisconsin’s voter ID law as unconstitutional on Tuesday. She’ll discuss the constitutional origins of the right to vote, its evolution over the years through the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, and its recent setback in Shelby County v. Holder. Our right to vote is a cornerstone of democracy: come understand what’s so important about it, and how the recent changes affect you.

Afterward, because we’re not always so serious, there’ll be dancing and fun. It’s a festival, after all!

The Law Day Festival is at Justitia.

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