A part of me will never be free

and the part that's free will never be me

Ah, the limitations of WordPress. Sometimes the smaller size just doesn’t do justice to a picture I’ve worked on for ages. Yeah, but you know the size limitations. Keep those in mind when doing a picture, dummy. I know. Shut up.

Okay, first things first: I’ve totally not blogged all the same things everybody else has blogged, and that’s terrible. I didn’t do Hair Fair, and Hair Fair was mostly awesome. There were even a handful of short hairs, which is pretty unusual. However, I’ll say this: Please, people, when making men’s hair? Please, for the love of god, remember that male AVs aren’t the only people who wear them. Give me a resize, ffs. It’s short hair. It can be mod.

I also haven’t been able to blog Love Donna Flora, mostly because let’s be honest, the stuff out for LDF is very feminine, because Squinternet’s style is generally hyperfeminine (and I am not). Go anyway, guys. I’ve taken two of my alts and three friends. It’s a good cause: Squinternet Larnia, the creative genius behind Donna Flora and an unfailingly generous and active member of the SL community, has cancer, and needs just a little help. The event just started, and ends August 11. GO.

There. That said, I want to talk about ISON for a second, because I am really remiss for having not featured it enough before.

Recently, I made the observation that there were few stores that I shop from all the time. ISON is an exception to this, and really is one of my favorite stores in SL. Harry Hyx just constantly gets better and better, with beautiful, classic wardrobe staples rendered in gorgeous, realistic textures that suggest expensive materials in well-tailored cuts. He manages to hit nearly every style: between myself and my alt, I think I own most of the things he’s put out, and I can’t think of another store in SL i can say the same about.

I imagine the only reason it doesn’t feature more in my blog is because I wear ISON so much every day that it doesn’t become dress-up clothes. Mental note: fix that.

My lovely companion is in a lot of Teefy. Azure Electricteeth makes such beautiful, soft, girly, romantic pieces — I don’t wear them, but I do love to look at them. And now you get to look at them, too. Everybody wins!

On Vaki:
Skin: Glam Affair — Vaki by Aida Ewing
Hair: Dura — 42 by Chiaki Xue
Shirt: mon tissu — Slouchy Sweatshirt by Anouk Spot
Trousers: Overhigh — Suede Pants by Crashov Uladstron (Available at The Dressing Room)
Shoes: ISON — leather strap sandals by Harry Hyx (Available at C88)
Glasses: ISON – quinton glasses by Harry Hyx
Bracelet: ISON – aviary claw bracelet by Harry Hyx
Necklace: etham – Metal Cross by
Hands and Feet: Slink by Siddean Munro

On my lovely companion (I’m not sure of specifics, but I’m pretty close, I think):
Skin: League by Nena Janus
Hair: elikatira by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Vest and Skirt: Teefy by Azure Electricteeth
Boots: ISON by Harry Hyx
Glasses: Mr.Poet by Hiwinyu Fazuku

Pose: oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov
Taken at Annwn Willows

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Restore the Fourth!

Restore the Fourth

Yesterday, I took part in San Francisco’s Restore the Fourth rally to bring attention to the erosion of our constitutionally protected right to remain safe from warrantless search of our stuff. Around three or four hundred people met near City Hall, walked to the Federal Building where our senators’ office buildings are, and then marched, chanting and clapping, down Market Street to the Embarcadero to listen to speeches and talks. Finally, the rally ended outside the building where, in 2003, the NSA installed an interception facility inside AT&T’s backbone network, and three years later, the world finally had its first (but not, by any means, its last) proof of the NSA’s overreach. Yesterday, all over the nation, thousands of people stood up and told our government it was time to pry the NSA’s fingers off our things.

In Second Life, Aranel Ah at Boom also feels strongly about the Restore the Fourth movement. She has made these awesome shirts and put them out for free. Go get one! You may not have been able to march yesterday — or maybe you did, in which case, awesome, and thanks for coming out! — but you can still support the cause.

Also, it’s not too late to get involved out in the Real World. Go to the Restore the Fourth website and check near you: there may be an upcoming rally. I know Seattle’s isn’t until tomorrow (July 6th), so you still have time to stick some words on some cardboard and think up a really awesome chant. Have fun, kids!

Shirt: BOOM — Restore the Fourth by Aranel Ah
Some other stuff.
Poses by oOo Studio (and I’m not sure what Jacq’s pose is).

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Liberty and Justice FOR ALL.

Liberty and Justice For All

Today, the Supreme Court came down with its rulings in United States v. Windsor and Hollingsworth v. Perry, better known as the marriage cases: DOMA and Prop 8. As everyone already knows by now, the Court invalidated § 3 of DOMA as unconstitutional, and remanded Perry on standing grounds. Everyone already knows this. It’s been all over the news all day.

Let’s talk about what really happened.

First, let’s talk about DOMA. Justice Kennedy wrote the opinion for Windsor. I’ve talked about how important that is before: Kennedy wrote Romer v. Evans and Lawrence v. Texas. He’s been the most consistent guardian of gay rights on the Supreme Court, and he really went to bat for us today. In Windsor, the only § 3 of DOMA was before the Court. § 3 is the one that required the federal government to limit marriage to heterosexual couples, and denied the privileges of marriage to legally married homosexual couples (§ 2 is the one that allows states to decide whether or not to acknowledge a couple’s legal marriage in another state). A court can only consider the question it is presented with, and as I said, the Supreme Court was only presented with the question of § 3’s constitutionality. That didn’t stop Justice Kennedy: Kennedy eviscerated DOMA. He tore apart the entire statute from its inception, describing the nasty, hateful purpose Congress had in enacting DOMA and the many harmful effects it has had.

What does this mean? Right now, only § 3 is affected. But Kennedy opened the door very wide for legal challenges to § 2. State sovereignty is really the only quasi-legitimate obstacle…and since that’s not a legitimate reason for ignoring anyone else’s marriage, I doubt that’ll last long. Watch this space.

Now, let’s talk about Prop 8. I know a lot of my friends were initially upset that Perry was kicked on standing grounds, because the press had built it up as if there was some way Perry could require that all states permit same sex marriage. That was never going to happen. Remember what I said about how a court can only consider the question it’s presented with? That wasn’t the question in Perry. So let’s remember: we didn’t take Perry to the Supreme Court. The Prop 8 supporters did. We won at the Ninth Circuit, right? The Prop 8 supporters were asking the Supreme Court to bring back Prop 8. The Court told them to sitchoassdown. They weren’t permitted to even ask, and in fact, they shouldn’t have even been permitted to sue to the Ninth Circuit. They should have sat down a long time ago. This was a slam dunk for us.

When do people start getting married? Kamala Harris, California’s Attorney General, has already asked the Ninth Circuit to lift its stay immediately, so California can resume marriages. Governor Brown has already ordered all counties in California to issue marriage certificates to all couples who want one as soon as the stay is lifted. It could take as long as 25 days…but it might happen before that.

Where are we going from here? DOMA is mostly dead. Prop 8 is dead. There is still work to be done. We lost the core of the Voting Rights Act yesterday, and we need to fight to rebuild that; that’s a priority. Our civil rights are everyone’s civil rights. The NSA is running out of control, and we need to work on ways to rein it in. And state by state, women’s rights are being eroded. If you weren’t watching when the Texas Senate tried to pass SB5 illegally by forcing a vote past midnight and changing the timestamps on its own Senate website, go read what’s happening in the world. We’re not done. Our civil rights are everyone’s civil rights.

Justice for ALL means we don’t get to stop fighting once we get justice for some. Let’s get to work.


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In the land of the blind

In the land of the blind

First off: this post is meaningless without video, because I recognize that not everybody grew up in the 80s. Go enjoy some of the decade’s finest.

I read on Ziki Questi’s blog that someone has finally built Jordan’s beautiful Petra in-world. And that, of course, meant that I had to get my Eldritch on, strut around while a ghost-faced goddess glares from a temple doorway, and rock a white linen suit like a Eurotrash degenerate on holiday.

You guys, that is easier said than done in SL.

Finding a white suit is a hellish chore. Now, the last time I blogged, I mentioned The Secret Store’s beautlfully-crafted blazer. I am still completely in love with it…but it doesn’t come in white. #sadtrombone But Hucci makes two really exceptional blazers, one open and one closed. This works very nicely.

I still have yet to find trousers that fit me as well as the Elate trousers. I should have fatpacked them when they were at C88 way back when, because I get a lot of use out of them. They hang correctly on my hips, and don’t give me the really huge booty that certain other brands give me…and the texture just looks so good.

Under the jacket, my shirt is from mon tissu. Truth: it doesn’t actually fit under the jacket — I had to photoshop some bits out in the sleeves — but it looks good, and it’s such a beautiful shirt.

As a side note: I did not actually blog these shoes when they came out, and I should have. Sorry: I’ve been super-busy. Get up, get out, and go get these shoes right now. Mr.Poet has made mesh wingtips that are beyond perfection. The textures are lush, gorgeous, realistic. They come with a HUD that allow you to recolor everything from the sole to the aglets (you know. The ends of the laces). They’re designed for men, but resize perfectly for women. And they’re L$290. Seriously. Why are you still reading my blog? Go buy some shoes.

Some say prayers

On not-quite-Uncle Andy:
Skin: Glam Affair — Vaki by Aida Ewing
Hair: Dura — 44 by Chiaki Xue
Jacket: Hucci — Kalare Blazer by Eboni Khan
Shirt: mon tissu — Collared Shirt by Anouk Spot
Trousers: Elate! — Elle Jeans by Kellie Iwish
Shoes: Mr.Poet — Full Brogue Derby Shoes by Hiwinyu Fazuku
Belt: fri. — Lucid Belt by Jolie Monday
Tie: Entente — Les Affaires Tie by Entente
Sunglasses: Kumaki Glasses Style — Strike 1.03 by Koguma Kumaki
Cane: DECO — Duckhead Cane by Gutterblood Spoonhammer
Hands: Slink by Siddean Munro

On seriously-not-Auntie-Patricia:
Skin: Glam Affair: Margot by Aida Ewing
Hair: LeLutka: Jolie by Thora Charron
Jacket: Elate! — Piper Blazer by Kellie Iwish
Skirt: ISON — Slit Pencil Skirt by Harry Hyx
Shoes: Ingenue — Gatsby Heels by Betty Doyle
Neck corset: Perception — Neck corset by Maggiedoll Alter

Poses: Del May by Del May; Olive Juice by Isabellagrace Baroque; oOo Studio by Olaenka Chesnokov

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Are we really living or just walking dead now

Are we really living or just walking dead now

Edit: I meant to mention this last night, because it is awesome. Go check out this month’s Avenue! The whole magazine is all about me! Well, okay, the important part on page 184 is. Look at the amazing work Cajsa Lilliehook did! Look at the piiiictures, man, the pictures! So jealous of Piedra’s skill. Anyway. Back to the blog post.

Let me tell you how amazing Aida Ewing and M4ri1yn Magic are.

Aida Ewing owns Glam Affair. Her partner, M4ri1yn, runs Tableau Vivant. They also run the gorgeous SLuxury blog. They are right at the top of SL’s most fabulous: elegant, cool, charming, and unbelievably talented.

Some time ago, they put out a skin I fell in love with. It was a limited edition androgynous skin: Glam Affair’s body, Tableau Vivant’s Noctis face. I have worn it since it came out. Since that time, Aida’s skins have improved a lot: she has completely revamped her bodies, and Tableau Vivant’s faces have gotten better as well. More importantly, recently, Slink has started releasing new mesh hands and feet that work with skin appliers, and Aida has made appliers for the new Glam Affair skins.

I realized I needed to update my skin. Sadly, I mentioned on plurk that I needed to find a new skin to replace my beloved Tableau Vivant skin.

The next day, M4ri1yn contacted me in-world and, along with Aida, offered to make me a new skin…an updated skin, with the new Glam Affair body and the newest Tableau Vivant face.

Today, Aida sent me my new skin. It’s called Vaki. Vaki as in me. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I’m completely floored by her and M4ri1yn’s generosity and kindness. Look how sexy and badass I am, you guys. I am never, never, never taking it off.

Thank you so much, Aida and M4ri1yn. You rock my world.

P.S.: Going to post an update on virtual currency stuff soon. Promise.

Skin: Glam Affair — Vaki (seriously you guys that’s its name!) by Aida Ewing
Hair: Dura — 42 by Chiaki Xue
Jacket: The Secret Store — Structured Blazer by Maylee Oh
Shirt: Kyoot — Beneath My Bones Cropped Tank by Saeya Nyanda
Jeans: monso — My First Jeans by Morphine Janick
Jewelry: Caroline’s Jewelry — Tangled Mess by Caroline Apollo; etham — Metal Cross by stephenweiss; Sweetest Goodbye — KARA by Morphine Janick
Tattoo: Vestigium — Lady Muerta I by Lu Scorpio
Hands: Slink by Siddean Munro
Pose: Del May by Del May

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Linden Lab’s New ToS, the Bank Secrecy Act, and You

Today, Linden Lab updated its Terms of Service. The updated Terms of Service “make it clear that trading of Linden dollars (L$) on exchanges other than the LindeX, Second Life’s official L$ exchange, is not authorized or allowed.” This change has a lot of people concerned, because many of those third party exchangers are popular.

Why has LL made this change, and what does it mean to you?

Here’s why LL has (probably) made the change: FinCEN changed stuff first.

In March, the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), the federal agency charged with enforcing the nation’s laws against money laundering, issued new regulatory guidelines regarding virtual currencies. This new guideline applies the Bank Secrecy Act to virtual currencies and businesses that administrate and exchange virtual currencies.

The Bank Secrecy Act contains numerous anti-money laundering and anti-fraud provisions. These provisions place certain requirements on “Money Services Businesses” (MSBs) and money transmitters, including registration requirements; requirements to collect information on any potentially suspicions transactions and keep extensive records on users; and requirements to report suspicious transactions to the federal government. A regulatory change applying the Bank Secrecy Act to virtual currencies, as FinCEN’s did, has some significant effects on any business relying on virtual currencies.

Let’s take a closer look. What did this change do?

First, FinCEN had to define who was and was not subject to the regulations. FinCEN acknowledged that there were “users,” “exchangers,” and “administrators” of virtual currencies. Users are people who obtain virtual currency, and are not MSBs: they are not subject to the registration, reporting, and recordkeeping regulations. However, exchangers (who have the ability to exchange virtual currency for real currency) and administrators (who have the ability to issue or withdraw virtual currency) are MSBs. They are subject to strict regulation.

Next, FinCEN had to sort out different kinds of exchangers and administrators. It identified three: those who trade in e-currencies and e-precious metals; centralized virtual currencies; and decentralized virtual currencies. Let’s look at the last two, because those affect Linden Lab.

  • A centralized convertible virtual currency, as defined by FinCEN, is a virtual currency “banked” in a centralized repository, controlled by a centralized administrator. Any exchanger of currency provides its services through access granted by the administrator. A clear example of a centralized virtual currency is Facebook’s virtual money.
  • A decentralized convertible virtual currency has no central repository and no single administrator. Users may obtain it through their own computing or manufacturing effort. Users who create or obtain that virtual currency and transmit it to other users in exchange for real currency, funds, or different forms of virtual currency are acting as exchangers, and are subject to regulation. Bitcoin is a clear example of a decentralized virtual currency.
  • Okay. And it applies to Linden Lab how?

    Now things are a little more clear. As of this past March, Linden Lab is an MSB, regulated by FinCEN under the Bank Secrecy Act. It is subject to some strict reporting, registration, and recordkeeping requirements. Linden Lab is an administrator and an exchanger of a centralized convertible virtual currency.

    Have you been following along? Because here’s the payoff: Because of the very strict reporting, registration, and recordkeeping requirements placed on LL by the Bank Secrecy Act, LL has to distance itself from any exchangers it does not control. Those exchangers might not be paying attention to the new FinCEN laws. They might not be keeping records. They might not be reporting suspicious transactions. They might be permitting money laundering. LL has to make it very, very clear that those exchangers aren’t authorized; they’re not part of LL; and LL isn’t responsible for them.

    So what does this mean to you?

    That depends.

    It may mean nothing at all. The third party exchangers may truck right along and be just fine. They may comply with the new regulations and continue forward. They may fail to comply and skate along without anyone noticing. BUT. They may fail to comply and get shut down and have all their assets seized. I don’t know.

    Third party exchangers have always been a “use at your own risk” proposition. However, now the federal government is actively cracking down on administrators and exchangers of virtual currencies. It looks like Linden Lab is taking steps to make sure it’s in compliance. I don’t know if the others are.

    So…you know. Use at your own risk. Really.

    EDIT: Apparently, Linden Lab’s support team is telling people that LL is interpreting “not authorized” to mean “not permitted” rather than “not accredited.” I really wish LL would clarify this, because Section 5.3 of the Second Life Terms of Service pretty clearly states that other exchanges exist and that people exchange money there, and it only states that such transactions are “not authorized.” I draft terms of service pretty regularly, you guys, and if they’re intending “not authorized” in this section to mean “grounds for termination,” that’s some sloppy contract drafting. LL, you need to fix this. In the meantime, I strongly suggest that SL users stick to the Lindex exchange.

    May 8: One last comment. First, Inara Pey drew my attention to a post she wrote in April about this very issue. It’s well-written and worth a look. Now, it may be that Linden Lab is doing something completely different, like just trying to get more revenue off Linden sales, or just trying to consolidate its control over the Linden dollar. These regulatory changes do affect LL, though, and it’s more likely than not that LL had to respond to them and chose to do it this way.

    Regardless, I think LL has some big problems to deal with related to this move. As I see it, they announced this change yesterday, required users to re-establish agreement to the new Terms of Service yesterday, and implemented the changes yesterday (including revoking the third-party exchangers’ access to certain APIs that they needed to function). But as per LL’s own Terms of Service, material changes to the ToS aren’t effective until 30 days after users receive notice…and this is absolutely a material change. And that’s a problem. I’m not sure who’s sailing the ship right now, but they need to get it tightened down.

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    So bloody your hands on the cactus tree

    Bloody your hands on the cactus tree

    I’m slow to post these days, but I promise I’m working on it. I’ll never be a daily blogger, but I do really like taking pictures and writing when I can.

    For now, dig it: loads of new stuff! First, oh my god, these boots. Ju Weissnicht of Ju (formerly of Treads…you know, she made the K Boots that everyone lived in for years) doesn’t release new shoes often, but when she does, her work is so worth it, especially now that she’s moved to working in mesh. These boots are beautifully crafted and textured, and here’s what I like best about them: they’re mid-calf, and she’s not only made them in the normal standard sizes, she’s made them in three calf widths. This is good for two reasons: first, this means they’ll fit more body shapes, and I’m always happy to see mesh designers offering more options that make room for different body shapes; and second, see the picture. If you’re wearing pants that come over the boots, just wear the smallest calf option, and it (probably) won’t poke through your pant leg. Nice, huh? The fatpack also comes with an easy HUD for changing colors, so you don’t have to stuff your inventory with tons of objects.

    Anouk and Elie Spot of mon tissu keep putting out really, really high-quality casual classics in mesh — the kind of clothes that just look like what you’d like to wear on a summer Saturday. Whether you’re into light, soft sundresses or cute shorts or slouchy sweatshirts, mon tissu nails it perfectly. I tried on these khakis and just fell in love with the demo: they just look so soft, so weathered, just perfectly loose and comfortable. I’m not much of a khaki wearer in real life, but I just love how comfy and easy these look. Going to live in them for a while.

    While I was putting this outfit together, I started looking for a belt to go with it. Side note: why are mesh belts so rare? WTF, designers! We need belts! Unrigged. Not just a template. My search led me to Connors, which was a good thing, though — I used to shop at Connors regularly, but Salah Axel was very slow to respond to mesh, so I stopped checking in. Salah has joined the mesh world quite nicely now: she’s creating some excellent items. The belt and the poncho are both from Connors, and I’m a huge fan of both.

    The last thing I’ll mention, because it’s really cool, is the tattoo from Vestigium (which you can barely see in this picture…I’ll try to do a better one later). Arm tattoos in SL are frustrating, because (due to the way the avatar mesh is made) anything you do on one arm has to appear on the other arm, and who does symmetrical arm tattoos in real life like that? Lu Scorpio has started offering mesh arm tattoos, thus allowing single-arm tattoos. Go check it out. It’s worth getting.

    Skin: Tableau Vivant
    Hair: Exile — Revolver by Kevar Cleanslate
    Poncho: Connors — Knit Cape by Salah Axel
    Trousers: mon tissue — Cotton Pants by Anouk Spot
    Boots: Ju — 91 boots by Ju Weissnicht
    Belt: Connors — Leather Belt by Salah Axel
    Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style — Domino by Koguma Kumaki
    Necklace: ISON — Stark Dagger Necklace by Harry Hyx
    Tattoo: Vestigium — Lady Muerta by Lu Scorpio
    Hands: Slink — Mesh hands by Siddean Munro
    Pose: Apple Spice by applespicestore

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    I may have a new favorite article of SL clothing. This isn’t the world’s clearest picture of it, but never fear: you’ll see it again. This tuxedo jacket from Coco is gorgeous and perfect and beautiful: the texture has a luxurious, slightly satin sheen to it; it hangs flawlessly on my shape, and the mesh is excellently crafted; and even better, it is not unnaturally fitted, so you don’t look like a Barbie doll when wearing it. It hangs as a jacket would hang. (Men, I do not know if it would fit you, but there’s a better chance of it fitting than most women’s mesh).

    Also, these new trousers from Elate! are really nice. The texturing on them is very well done. I wish the cuffs weren’t quite as straight, but that’s a minor quibble. It’s not like anyone else makes trouser cuffs that break properly over the shoe…but my god, that’d be a nice touch. Someone make it happen!

    Skin: Tableau Vivant, as usual
    Hair: Atro Patena — Ronald by Mechul Actor
    Jacket: *COCO* — TuxedoJacket by Cocoro Lemon
    Shirt: *COCO* — SkinnyTie&Shirt by Cocoro Lemon
    Trousers: Elate! — Elle Jeans by Kellie Iwish (available at C88)
    Shoes: monso — My Leather Oxford by Morphine Janick
    Hands: Slink — Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro
    Sunglasses: Kumaki Glasses Style — Domino 1.00 by Koguma Kumaki (available at Men’s Department)
    Pose: Di’s Opera by Di Hoorenbeek

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    I am the abstract

    I am the abstract

    Let’s be honest: most of SL fashion is limited to the Ken and Barbie wardrobe staples. It’s geared towards casual, everyday wear, and when it dresses up, it only reaches to pretty gowns and suits. There’s not a lot of avant garde, envelope-pushing fashion, because it’s hard to make and the market is small. But there are a wonderful few artists in SL really going for the outré and the unusual.

    For Miamai’s BlackLabel collection, Monica Outlander makes some very exciting, unusual, avant-garde work. She’s really concentrating on the silhouette of her pieces: strange angles, enhanced curves, playing with masculine and feminine and hinting at fantasy shapes. She offers jackets for men and women that suggest suits of armor, with tiny insect wings drooping off the back; whimsical tutu skirts with winged legs; boots that trap butterflies; horned hoods and elegant leather opera gloves with fins and talons; and this demonic bodysuit, with its legs that hint at a satyr’s and its horned breasts.

    It’s fashion like this that reminds me that SL really is a fantasy world, and makes me so enjoy pushing the bounds of what I can do and be in it.

    Skin: Tableau Vivant as usual
    Hair: Exile — Revolver by Kevar Cleanslate
    Everything else: Miamai — Antara by Monica Outlander
    Pose: Di’s Opera by Di Hoorenbeek

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    Let me show you a few things

    You're dressed in that dress I like

    Suits. How much do I talk about the need for good women’s businesswear in SL? A lot. Yes, I know, you’re all tired of it…but you’re not all tired of seeing me in suits, so I’m gonna keep going. A friend of mine pointed me at Mutresse the other day. It’s a brand new store with not much in it yet, but Eeky Cioc is making suits, and they’re perfect. They come in a snillion colors, the texturing is gorgeous (seriously, so gorgeous I even bought the pink one for my alt…pink, you guys, because it’s such a light, shimmery color it made me giddy), the weighting hangs beautifully, and the fit is excellent. From what I am told, they’re all original mesh, and the work is really, really good. I wish I’d fatpacked while they were on sale. Go. Suit up. You won’t regret it.

    In other news, bloggers have been all over the study Froukje Hoorenbeek released last week for Dutchie, and rightly so. It’s absolutely beautiful work. But let’s be honest, we bloggers like to get our naughty on, and I wanted to show that the Dutchie study isn’t just about the Adult version. The PG version of the chairs look just the same, yes, but that’s not what makes them exceptional. First, they’re actually business-appropriate. There are no animations here that would be unacceptable in your office or home — no cuddles or make-outs. There are some very nice wine- and coffee-drinking poses (the chairs dispense objects), but the chairs are perfectly work-safe. Even better, they resize and the animations still work. If the chair is too big, scale it down some and you’ll still be able to use it.

    As long as I got my suit and tie

    As long as I got my suit and tie….

    On Vaki:
    Skin: Tableau Vivant, as usual
    Hair: Exile — Revolver by Kevar Cleanslate
    Hair base: AITUI — Etched Hair Base – Monumentum by Jesseaitui Petion
    Suit: Mutresse — Simona Trousers and Jacket by Eeky Cioc
    Bra: Maitreya Bra Top by Onyx LeShelle
    Shoes: monso — My Leather Oxford by Morphine Janick
    Hands: Slink — Mesh Hands by Siddean Munro

    On Ismene:

    Skin: Glam Affair — Cassiopea by Aida Ewing
    Hair: TRUTH — Devina by Truth Hawks
    Dress: coldLogic — manza by coldlogic
    Shoes: G.Field — Flower Pumps by Cerberus Noel
    Jewelry: League — Wanderer -Oak- by Nena Janus

    DARE by Chance Greatrex; Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson (retired)

    Dutchie study by Froukje Hoorenbeek; PILOT by Kaz Nayar, POST by Van Auster

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